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Not Recommended For Weight Loss

Jimmy Joy describe their Plenny Shake as a nutritionally-balanced meal replacement shake. While it's...[Read More]

PlantFusion Lean Review

Not Recommended

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Raw Organic Fit Review

Not Recommended

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Yes You Can! Meal Replacement Review

Not Recommended

Yes You Can are a well-known weight loss / general health supplement brand – their latest product “C...[Read More]

GastrobiPlex Weight Loss Shake Review


Better known for their weight loss pills, truDERMA have now entered into the meal replacement shake ...[Read More]

Skinny Jane Skinny Blend Review

Not Recommended

Have Skinny Jane really produced a fat burning, metabolism boosting, appetite crushing diet shake? I...[Read More]

RelaxSlim Metabolic Protein Review

Not Recommended

Does RelaxSlim's latest diet shake really have what it takes to boost your metabolic rates? If so, i...[Read More]

doTERRA Trim Shake Review

Not Recommended

Have the Popular MLM company doTERRA made a cutting-edge weight loss shake? In this Slim & Sassy...[Read More]

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