About Us

Our Mission

Since we launched back in 2011, DietProbe has been dedicated to providing its readers with nothing but the most up-to-date articles on healthy living, weight loss and nutrition. We believe that health is wealth and we’re here to help you overhaul and optimize your daily life, one evidence-backed article at a time.

Our ethos is to place integrity and honesty at the core of everything we do, that’s why all content that we produce is based on scientific evidence and clinical research from authoritative sources.

While we do our absolute best to make sure the information provided is accurate, the content on our site should not be regarded as medical advice – you should always listen to your doctor, nutritionist or dietician when it comes down to matters of personal health.

How DietProbe is funded

We are unable to provide such high quality content without financing our operations. For us to remain operating we need to pay for things such as:

  • Staff salaries
  • Web hosting costs
  • Coffee (lots of it)
  • + many other things that go into keeping a website online and populated with content.

With that being said, we finance ourselves via the following means:

  1. Corporate partnerships & endorsements
  2. The sale of ad space in our articles
  3. Sponsored advertorial content (will be clearly marked with a “promotional feature” tag)

Meet The Team

Joel Horowitz

Joel Horowitz

Founder & CEO

Joel founded DietProbe back in 2011 after graduating from Tulane University. He holds an MBA and has founded several successful tech start-up ventures. Between managing DietProbe, keeping investors happy and spending time with his family, Joel is certainly a busy guy!

Kath Ross Avatar

Kath Ross


Kath holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and is the editor-in-chief here at DietProbe. She’s a self-proclaimed “nutrition nerd”, is an avid traveler and has an extremely impressive sneaker collection.

Chad Thorpe

Chad Thorpe

Head of Content

Chad joined the DietProbe team in 2012 after he graduated from University of California, Berkley as a junior writer. Since then he’s become the head of content. He’s self-confessed gym addict and an undisputed beer pong champion!

Jesus Medina

Jesus Medina

Health Writer

Jesus is a fully qualified dietician and is one of the health writers here at DietProbe. In his spare time he loves rock climbing, abseiling and telling people he’s a vegan.

Queenie Avatar

Queenie Au

Health Writer

After graduating with honors from the University of Hong Kong, Queenie is here to bring her nutritional expertise to DietProbe. In her spare time she loves doing a bit of yoga and is an online shopping addict.

Priaa Patel

Priaa Patel


After graduating from the University of Michigan with a Msc in Food Sciences, Priaa is here to curate and fact check the content here at DietProbe. She is Starbucks’ biggest fan and is a sucker for a good romcom.

Zippy Avatar


Office Pooch

Zippy’s job is to handle the production of “awww”‘s in the DietProbe office. He gets cranky if he doesn’t get his treats in his favorite bowl. He’s also not a big fan of hot weather.