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About DietProbe

DietProbe is a health and well-being outlet that is made up of an expert team of researchers, dieticians, nutritionists and doctors from all around the world. Our mission is simply to make amazing content that can help steer you towards a healthier and happier life.

It may sound cliché, but we truly believe that health is wealth and that knowledge is power. DietProbe is dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date and factual health, nutrition and weight management content.

The DietProbe ethos is to place integrity and honesty at the core of everything; all information published on DietProbe adheres to strict editorial policies and review processes and is based on exactly what the experts are saying.

Making Sense of the Science

When it comes to making health decisions, we all know that it’s very important to listen to what the experts are advising and to take heed of scientific research findings.

In an ideal world we’d all be digging through academic papers and journals seeking the answers to our health questions, but this is the real world, and finding out exactly what the experts are saying is often easier said than done. To put it bluntly, scientific research has simply become way too hard for most people to understand, with many publications only being understandable to experts.

We understand that the average health-conscious reader doesn’t have the time or the desire to spend hours digging through hundreds of convoluted academic journals and research papers just to find an answer to a simple question.

Let’s not get off on the wrong foot here, we love science and we love the scientists who are conducting the research and clinical trials that are changing our lives for the better, we just hate how hard they are to understand at times!

DietProbe is here to deliver you easily accessible and understandable information, without any of the academic jargon and unintelligible mumbo-jumbo; we simply read the research and publish the findings in a manner that’s easy to understand – science made simple!

“Millions of people trust DietProbe as a source of health, nutrition and weight management information.”

Meet The DietProbe Team

Hannah Canavan

Hannah Canavan

Hannah is a health and lifestyle journalist with a passion for veganism and nutrition.

Kath Ross

Kath Ross, PhD

Kath is a self-proclaimed “nutrition nerd”, is an avid traveler and has an extremely impressive sneaker collection.

Marina Ma

Marina Ma, MD

Marina has an MD from U-M and is a resident writer and fact checker at DietProbe.

Abbey Carlson

Abbey Carlson, RD

Abbey is a registered dietitian who specializes in human nutrition and obesity prevention.

Beth Coats

Beth Coats, RD LN

Beth is a registered dietician with over 20 years experience in general nutrition.

Shaun Ward

Shaun Ward MSc BSc SENr Anutr

Shaun is a registered nutritionist, and sport and exercise nutritionist, with experience in coaching professional endurance and strength athletes.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith, BSc

Matthew Smith is a qualified sports scientist and registered exercise professional. He’s a fitness and nutrition enthusiast and has a background in coaching and personal training.

Jo Shuter Author Portrait

Jo Shuter

Jo Shutter is a nutrition and wellness expert with 19 years of teaching experience.

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Our Advertising & Sponsored Policy

While DietProbe is here to bring you the most accurate and reliable health, nutrition and weight management content on the web, on occasion we will publish advertisements or sponsored content on our platform.

Funding from advertisers and sponsors is critical, and allow us to continue operating and producing high quality content that’s completely free to enjoy.

While advertisements are highly important for keeping DietProbe operational, we are extremely picky about what goes onto our website and carefully vet every single advertisement prior to publishing it. In order to deliver the best possible user experience for our readers, we make certain that all advertisements on DietProbe meet our rigorous advertisement and editorial guidelines – as with our regular content, we ensure that any ad placed on our site is of the highest quality and offers real intrinsic value to our readers.

To guarantee only the best and most useful ads reach our readers, we have three main protocols:

1. Ensuring Quality

In order for an advertisement or piece of sponsored content to make it to our readers, it must meet all the following quality requirements:

  • We must feel that the advertisement will genuinely be useful to our readership.
  • The content of the ad must adhere to all truth in advertising practice laws and regulations.
  • The advertisement itself must be factual and must not be misleading and/or deceptive in nature.
  • Advertisements promoting snake-oils, quick-fixes and/or ineffective products will be rejected.

2. Transparency

DietProbe fully adheres to FTC guidelines and regulations for transparency.

While it’s important that we monetize our content to ensure the future preservation of DietProbe, we are fully committed to ensuring that our readers are notified of any financial benefit, compensation or incentives we receive from any given piece of content, be it commissions we take from recommendations or funded content that we have published on behalf of a sponsor.

We believe that honesty really is the best policy, especially when it comes to media outlets, hence each article we publish will clearly explain exactly how it has been monetized or funded.

3. Distinguishing Ads

We believe that our readers should be able to clearly tell the difference between our native content and advertisements/sponsored content.

To ensure that ads and our informative content are easily distinguishable, we clearly mark any piece of paid content (be it banner ads, advertorials or sponsored articles) so our readers can clearly see that the article is intended to be an advertisement.

We understand that not many people like being marketed to, which is why we take rigorous steps to ensure that advertisements on our website are engaging and really ad value to our readers – we want you to enjoy the ads on our platform, not skip past them.

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