Are T5 Fat Burners Safe To Use?

One of the most common questions we’re asked is “are T5 Fat Burners safe to use?”. This is a question anyone looking at using this type of weight loss product should ask, because the diet and weight loss industry is one of the most poorly regulated industries. We’ve literally came across hundreds of products that have left our review teams jaws on the floor when we’ve looked at the outright dangerous ingredients used inside.

If you’ve been shopping around, you’ll have noticed that there are thousands of different fat burner products on the market, all calling themselves a “T5 fat burner”, or some other obscure variation (such as T3, T5, T6, T9 etc.) – it’s very easy for first time users to get confused about what they’re using and whether or not that particular T5 fat burner is safe to use. For a newbie it’s almost impossible to know, as you can bet your bottom dollar the manufacturer will be hailing the product as the latest miracle pill (of course they aren’t going to tell you it’s dangerous!).

As we don’t like to blabber on we’re going to get straight to the point here: the answer is, some T5 fat burners are safe to use, some are dangerous to use.

Yes we know, it’s one of those annoying answers that only raises further questions.. but bare with us because we’re going to explain exactly how to differentiate between the outright dangerous T5 fat burners on the market, and the T5 fat burners that are safe to use.

The Origins Of The T5 Fat Burner.

Firstly, let us quickly explain the origins of the T5 Fat Burner. T5 fat burners came about back in the early 80’s as bodybuilders were experimenting with fast ways of dropping significant amounts of body fat before contests. At the time, food and drug regulations were very lax and almost every compound that wasn’t a hard-drug was easily obtainable.

The original T5 products contain an ECA stack, which was a combination of 3 different compounds – Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin. They were very effective as it is essentially a stack of 2 stimulants, one hardcore (the ephedrine), one milder (the caffeine) and a blood thinner (the aspirin). However as time went on ephedrine was banned from being put inside weight loss supplements as it had been linked to many negative side effects and deaths.

Nowadays T5 fat burners look completely different, with the only original ingredient remaining being caffeine.

Are The Modern T5 Fat Burners As Good As The Old Ones?

To put it simply, yes – they’re better. As research into supplements continues, more and more powerful new ingredients are being discovered and utilized in supplements. Gone all the clunky, old and dangerous ingredients of the past, we’re currently in a new era of T5 supplements.. and they’re a million times better than the old ones, in both safety aspects and results.

What Makes A Dangerous T5 Fat Burner?

When asking yourself are T5 Fat Burners safe, the first thing you should do is look at that particular products ingredients.

We have created the list below as a checklist you can use to determine whether or not a T5 product is safe for you to use:
Safe T5 Fat Burner Ingredients List
As a rule of thumb stick to products that contain the good ingredients, as these are the ones that are the most proven as well as safe. If you see any ingredients on this list in a product, avoid it like the plague. These ingredients have all been banned and/or proven to be harmful to humans. Not only can they be harmful, but if you suffer from things like heart issues or high blood pressure then you’re playing with your life, using a safe T5 is essential. Let’s break this list down:

– Ephedrine Dangers

You may have read many people raving about the amazing effects of ingredients like Ephedrine, or its herbal chemical cousin Ephedra, but it’s very important you are aware of the risks of consuming products that contain either of these substances.

The original T5 fat burners did contain ephedrine, but times have changed. Studies have deemed ephedrine to be a very dangerous ingredient for humans to consume – it has been linked to numerous deaths and multiple health complications.

When asking are T5 fat burners safe to use it’s important to note that the writing is on the wall. In 2014, amateur boxer Lance Ferguson-Prayogg collapsed after a fight, two days later he died from kidney failure and a cardiac arrest. His death was linked to an ephedrine-based T5 fat burner (read full story here).

As of today, it’s (almost) impossible to buy ephedrine in over the counter diet pills anymore. Unless you find a supplier with some left over from when this ingredient was legal (almost 12 years ago now, as of 2017) what you’re buying is probably not ephedrine and you’re being lied to. The authorities are quick to shut down any business that is selling products containing ephedrine, as ephedrine is a main ingredient in the production of Methamphetamines.

– Aspirin Dangers

Aspirin was present in a lot of the early T5 products. It’s a pain killer and a blood thinner and was used to bring down blood pressure as well as assist in the fat burning process.

If you take aspirin over a long period of time (i.e. multiple months) you’re meant to taper off your dose, not go “cold turkey” and this can increase the risk of a heart attack as your body has been used to having thinner blood for a sustained period of time. Aspirin can also cause very negative stomach issues.

Aspirin is a drug and should only be taken for the purpose it was intended for. Long term usage should only be done under the direction of a doctor.

– DMAA Dangers

DMAA is a very powerful stimulant. The U S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned DMAA a.k.a 1,3-Dimethylamylamine for its “lack of safety evidence”. The FDA went on to state that they are not aware of any evidence that suggests DMAA is safe for human consumption at all. DMAA has actually been directly accountable for two deaths within the United States – the product pushed two military personnel’s heart rates so high that their bodies could not handle it and they suffered heart attacks.  To put it bluntly, this product is not safe, or natural and you’re risking your life consuming it. 

– Citrus Aurantium Dangers

Citrus Aurantium contains the banned stimulant Synephrine. Synephrine is chemically very similar to ephedrine and has quite literally been referred to by supplement companies as “legal ephedrine”. Both compounds share the similar negative traits – users can potentially increase their risks of heart attack and heart failure with prolonged usage of this ingredient. Do not take the risk.

What Are The Typical T5 Fat Burner Side Effects?

If you’ve somehow managed to acquire an old school ECA-based T5 fat burner, then side-effects could potentially be:

  1. Stomach cramps
  2. Acid reflux
  3. Jitters
  4. Insomnia
  5. Elevated heart rate
  6. High blood pressure
  7. Headaches
  8. Vomiting
  9. Heart attack

Side effects to the new and legal T5’s could be:

  1. Jitters
  2. Insomnia
  3. Upset stomach (if you’re sensitive to herbal extracts)


When answering the question “are t5 fat burner safe”, we believe it’s all down to your choice of product. With certain T5 fat burners literally being linked to deaths it has never been more important to find a safe T5 fat burner.

Do not let the negative press discourage you, the safe T5 fat burners are an amazing way to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, you just need to be a smart consumer and stick to reputable brands who pride themselves on their customers safety (as we have seen time and time again supplement companies releasing dangerous products).