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By Kath Ross, PhD.

If you’re going to buy a fat burner supplement, you undoubtably want to buy one that will actual work. With the weight loss industry being worth multiple billions worldwide, the market sees new fat burner pills pop up almost on a daily basis – all of them claiming to be “the best”.

As there are literally thousands of products to choose from, selecting an effective one has actually become somewhat of a difficult task. With more and more useless, ineffective and/or dangerous products flooding the internet every month, shopping smart and being an informed consumer has never been more important.

In order to help guide you towards a safer and more effective purchase, we have compiled the following top 10 list; any product below will 100% meet all your fat-burning requirements!

1. Thermaxin

Thermaxin Product Image
We Rated It:

Thermaxin is a powerful 2-per-day fat burning complex created by Astral Nutrition. We have placed this product at the very top of our best fat burners list because it’s a perfect choice for anybody who is looking for rapid weight loss loss results.

After carefully researching the formula powering Thermaxin, we found that this product uses cutting-edge, clinically proven ingredients in all the correct doses.

Thermaxin works by boosting the user’s metabolic rates, which allows the body to expend calories more rapidly (i.e. the product makes you burn calories significantly faster than normal). With your body burning calories at a faster rate, it goes without saying that you’ll start to lose weight faster too.

Often those who find it difficult to lose weight have slow metabolic rates, which can make losing weight significantly harder (and sometimes even impossible) – by adding two servings of Thermaxin into your daily schedule, you’ll be turbo-charging your metabolism speed and forcing your body into a fat-burning state.

Furthermore, this product is designed to naturally suppress appetite and reduce the user’s sugar cravings, due to the blood sugar balancing ingredients it contains.

Finally, this product contains a whole host of energy-boosting ingredients that can both help fuel your workouts and improve your focus and concentration. Many people who are dieting regularly experience what is known as “diet fatigue”, which is a lethargic state where you feel constantly tired and your mind isn’t as sharp – Astral Nutrition have realized this and formulated their Thermaxin fat burners to directly address the issue.

Thermaxin certainly isn’t the cheapest out there, but the price tag isn’t ridiculous either. We like how Astral Nutrition offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee too. Finding the product isn’t difficult at all; it’s available direct from Astral Nutrition themselves, via Amazon, eBay and is also in most supplement stores nationwide.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fat burning product that simply works, this is very likely your best choice. Thermaxin uses clinically proven ingredients, won’t produce any negative side effects and is backed by science.

2. Lipozene

Lipozene Product Image
We Rated It:

Lipozene is a fiber-based weight management pill developed and manufactured by Obesity Research Institute. We have featured this product in the second position of our top 10 fat burners list because, after some research, we found that this product is highly effective for supporting weight loss.

If users follow the directions of usage correctly, we don’t see why Lipozene wouldn’t be consistent in delivering great weight loss results.

Lipozene works by swelling up inside the stomach, which in turn causes you to naturally want to eat less food, as there’s less space inside your stomach (temporarily of course). With sustained usage, users can typically expect to see slow and steady weight loss, as these pills will just naturally cause you to consume less calories each day.

Furthermore, Lipozene is a great product for those who have a high appetite. A very useful quality of Glucomannan is that it produces a natural feeling of fullness, which can help to support you along with a calorie-restricted diet plan (after all, nobody likes feeling hungry all the time).

Finally, this product is very unlikely to produce any negative side effects, as it only uses a natural plant fiber – the only people who shouldn’t use this product are those with abnormalities of the esophagus or gut.

Lipozene is an awesome fat burner that uses glucomannan to help users lose weight. If used correctly we have no doubt this product will help you towards your weight loss goals.

3. Slimvance

Slimvance Core Slimming Complex Product Image
We Rated It:

Slimvance is another heavy-hitter in the fat burner market. This powerful fat burner is created by a company named BodyDynamix and distributed by the supplement retailer powerhouse GNC.

Slimvance finds itself in position #3 of our best fat burners roundup because it’s simply just a great weight management pill all-round.

The formula contains a whole host of metabolism-boosting stimulants, which is why it is so effective for the purposes of losing weight. By taking the Slimvance Core Slimming Complex daily, the ingredients may help to stimulate the user’s central nervous system, causing the body to expend calories at a faster rate than it otherwise normally could. When used in conjunction with a calorie-restricted diet, this can lead to faster weight loss than normal.

Another awesome benefit to using Slimvance will be the enormous surges of energy the product will likely provide (unless you have some sort of massive tolerance to stimulants!).

Finally, the product may also help improve your cognitive performance by improving your focus and concentration – again, due to the stimulant content.

This is just another rock solid fat burner that will help spike your metabolic rates, boost your energy levels and put you in a great position to burn off body fat.

4. BIO-X4

Bio X4 Product Image
We Rated It:

Bio X4 is unlike any other other supplement on this list – it’s something that the manufacturers Nucific claim to be a “weight management probiotic”.

We have placed it at #4 because we believe this is a great fat burner for anyone who’s looking for results.

Firstly, this product is in our list because it’s been formulated a medical professional named Dr. Amy Lee.

In Bio X4 we essentially have two products in one – Dr. Lee has essentially merged a probiotic supplement with a fat burner supplement, and in doing so has created something very unique.

The Bio X4 formula features a fully-dedicated weight management complex, consisting of various natural stimulants and herbal extracts, designed to help increase the user’s metabolic rates.

Another very useful trait of Bio X4 is that it has a whole host of general health benefits too. The probiotic ingredients inside the formula will help support the user’s gut health and can also aid in digestion.

As Bio X4 is meant to be used while sticking to a low calorie diet, “diet fatigue” can be a real issue, luckily ingredients inside this product can help naturally elevate your energy levels, which can stop you from feeling tired and sluggish, and can actually help support your gym and training routine.

This unique fat burner pill offers consumers something they probably won’t find anywhere else; it’s a probiotic and fat burner rolled into one.

5. LeanFire XT

LeanFire XT Product Image
We Rated It:

Leanfire XT is Force Factor’s flagship fat burner pill, and has been an Amazon and GNC best-seller for several years now.

Leanfire finds itself in position #5 of our roundup list because it uses max-strength ingredients and is a great choice for the hardcore gym-user. After some further research, we believe this product is a rock-solid fat burner that’ll likely help the majority of those who use it lose some weight.

Firstly, this product is absolutely loaded with stimulants and herbal extracts that can potentially help stimulate the user’s metabolic rates. With a faster-running metabolism, there’s a chance that users will start to burn calories at a faster rate than normal (which can of course lead to faster weight loss, provided you’re sticking to a calorie-restricted diet).

As you’d expect with any stimulant-based fat burner, this product is also able to significantly boost your energy levels, which can fuel your gym sessions and help you push yourself further.

Finally, Leanfire XT contains natural cognitive-enhancing ingredients that can help improve your focus and concentration – again, a very useful effect for those who are actively training.

This is a fat burner for the more advanced user. If you’re looking for a more hardcore product that’s perfect for someone who regularly trains or leads an active lifestyle, Leanfire XT is a great supplement to pick.

6. Phentaslim

Phentaslim Product Image
We Rated It:

Phentaslim is a weight loss / appetite management formula produced by Optimum Nutra.

We have put Phentaslim in position #6 of our list because of its great reputation within the industry (winning the backing of a popular supplement watchdog) and robust formulation.

The most important thing when it comes to any fat burner is whether or not the ingredients are actually helpful for contributing towards weight loss, and with Phentaslim we can genuinely say that the product will help users lose weight.

The formula contains a whole host of natural stimulants that can help speed up users’ metabolic rates, thus potentially triggering a faster rate of caloric expenditure. Furthermore, Phentaslim contains a complex of vitamins and minerals that can help contribute towards your general health.

Like you’d expect from a good fat burner, Phentaslim also has the ability to boost the user’s energy levels significantly. We always recommend that people who use these types of products should be regularly working out and/or doing cardiovascular activity.

Despite having a slightly misleading name (no, there is no phentermine inside this product), Phentaslim really does appear to be a useful product for anyone looking for support with their weight loss due to its powerful thermogenic formula.

7. Alli

Alli Product Image
We Rated It:

Alli is another unique weight loss supplement that is manufactured by the pharmaceutical giant GSK (GlaxoSmithKlein).

The reason Alli is found in our top 10 fat burners list is because it uses a clinically proven active ingredient named Orlistat (though, not in as potent a dosage as the Orlistat doctors can prescribe obese patients).

Alli works by reducing the amount of fat the user can absorb from their food. This means that you’ll not be getting 100% of the calories from the food that you eat, instead much of the fat content will be passed straight through your digestive tract without being broken down for energy.

When Alli is used with a low-calorie diet plan, users can typically expect to see faster natural weight loss than they otherwise normally would.

Alli is a clinically proven, side effect-free weight loss pill that has been formulated by one of the biggest names in the supplement industry.

8. FitMiss Tone

Fitmiss Tone Product Image
We Rated It:

Don’t let the brand name fool you, this one isn’t just for the ladies! FitMiss Tone is a strong fat burner produced by MusclePharm (but branded under their female-oriented brand FitMiss).

Tone finds itself in position #8 because it’s a very useful fat burner that will likely produce good results for most users, whether they be male or female.

Unique to this list is that Tone doesn’t actually contain any stimulants or caffeine at all – it is essentially just a CLA 1000mg softgel, but that in no way holds the product back – CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a natural substance that studies have shown can help to shrink fat cells.

This CLA-based fat burner can help you reduce your body fat percentage if you use it with a low calorie diet and regular exercise.

9. Hydroxycut Hardcore

Hydroxycut Hardcore Product Image
We Rated It:

Hydroxycut is arguably one of the most successful lines of fat burners to have ever existed! The Hydroxycut Hardcore fat burner pill, as the name suggests, is the most potent of the range and ranks at position #9 on our roundup list.

The formula is loaded with powerful stimulants, amino acids and a huge amount of caffeine – all intended to elevate the user’s metabolic rates, thus triggering a faster rate of calorie-expenditure (i.e. this product is meant to cause your body to burn calories at a faster rate).

Furthermore, Hydroxycut Hardcore is very likely to give you soaring energy levels, which will both counter diet fatigue and help you push yourself much further in your workouts (due to the ingredients reducing your perception of exertion) – with more energy, you’ll be able to work harder and burn more calories in the gym too!

This is a very potent fat burner that isn’t for those new to fat burner pills! It’ll help boost your metabolism, spike your energy levels and can also help improve your athletic performance.

10. Dietspotlight Burn

Dietspotlight Burn Product Image
We Rated It:

Burn is a popular fat burner produced by Greenbracket LLC and marketed by the popular supplement review website DietSpotlight.

We have featured Dietspotlight’s Burn in position #10 of our list because of its excellent formula.

Burn effectively combines a scientifically-proven weight loss ingredient named Meratrim (a proprietary blend of Sphaeranthus Indicus and Garcinia Mangostana) with a complex of natural stimulants and chromium, to ultimately form a very effective fat loss formula.

Dietspotlight Burn uses ingredients that are backed by science and clinical studies, as any good fat burner should.

We are confident that, if used in conjunction with a low calorie diet plan and robust exercise routine, users will see stellar weight loss results.

Fat Burner FAQ

Below you'll find a list of the most commonly asked questions.

Fat burners will work without exercise as long as you’re still restricting your daily calorie intake.

Remember, the fat burner pill is going to help your body burn more calories than it normally could without them.. but if you’re still eating hundreds or thousands of calories more than your body’s daily requirement you’ll not see any results.

If you exercise while using fat burner pills you’ll just burn even more calories and lose weight even faster.

The answer to this question depends on your choice of product. There are products out there that are very unsafe, likewise there are products that are completely safe (like those in our top 10 list).

In order to spot a safe fat burner supplement, you should do the following:

  • Check that the manufacturers are adhering to good manufacturing practices.
  • Make sure it doesn’t contain any banned or deemed-dangerous ingredients.
  • Ensure full directions of usage are provided.

Keep an eye on your caffeine intake when using weight loss pills

You may or may not have known that caffeine is a very common ingredient found inside these types of supplements. This is because it’s a stimulant that can help to elevate metabolic rates when consumed in large enough amounts. In order to ensure you don’t overdose on caffeine, you should always factor in the caffeine you’re consuming elsewhere in your diet.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys several cups of coffee per day, or likes a morning energy-drink, you should be extremely careful. We recommend that don’t consume any other sources of caffeine 2-4 hours before and after consuming such products.

Be careful combining fat burners with other weight loss supplements

For the most part, weight loss pills can be stacked with other weight loss supplements, provided those additional products do not contain stimulants such as caffeine. These types of products are so effective because of the stimulant content, which means that combining them with other caffeine-filled formulations could potentially lead to negative side-effects if you’re not careful.

This safety information assumes that you’re using a thermogenic fat burner supplement containing caffeine (such as those in our list)

Obviously, when we talk about products clashing due to caffeine content, we’re assuming you’re using one that actually contains it – there are alternatives out there for those who don’t tolerate stimulants well, always check the label before you buy!

Fat burners do not ‘target’ or ‘burn’ muscle, that is a rumor. Fat burner pills also do not prevent muscle growth.

Muscle-loss while dieting can potentially happen (due to your lowered calorie intake), but for the most part, your body is going to burn its excess fat storages long before it starts burning muscle.

Most good fat burners will not produce any noticeable side effects, however with that being said, the most typical side effects of fat burners stem from the stimulant content of them (the stimulants are what cause the metabolism-boost). These can include:

  • Jitters
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
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