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By Kath Ross, PhD.

When most people think of supplements, they imagine produces designed to induce a physical effect such as fat loss or muscle gain, but many people are unaware that there are also OTC formulations on the market designed solely for the purposes of optimizing your brain – these products are called Nootropic Supplements, or “stacks”.

When it comes to “biohacking” your brain for elevated mental performance, an effective nootropic supplement is without a doubt what you need. There are a whole host of direct and indirect benefits from unlocking peak brain performance; users of Nootropic supplements can expect effects such as improved long and short term memory, accelerated thought processing speeds, improved creativity and increased focus and concentration. Essentially, a nootropic should help drastically improve your overall brainpower.

Of course it goes without saying that not every single product out there was created equal; in our time reviewing such products we’ve came across hundreds of ineffective scams. To help you make a more informed purchase, we have rounded up following top 10 best Nootropic supplements in the list below:

1. Nootropin Nootropic Stack

Nootropin Nootropic Stack Product Image
We Rated It:

Nootropin is a maximum strength cognitive enhancement pill produced by Astral Nutrition.

We have placed this product at the very top of our best nootropic supplements list because this clinically-proven stack can help improve your memory levels, boost your brain health and significantly improve your overall cognition and focus.

This product has been formulated to perform three main functions:

1. It’s designed to improve the user’s short and long term memory levels by optimizing brain chemistry.

2. It improves thought processing speeds, reaction times and overall mental agility by supporting brain health and reducing brain fog.

3. It improves the user’s attention span and focus by promoting Beta and Gamma brain waves.

Getting your hands on Nootropin is very easy – it can be ordered directly from Astral Nutrition themselves, and it can also be found in most supplement stores nationwide.

The bottom line: after analyzing hundreds of different nootropic pills on the market, Nootropin is hands down the most potent and effective that we’ve found. If you’re looking to completely overhaul your brain performance and push your self to the next level mentally, then Nootropin is a must-have product in our opinion.

Furthermore, Astral Nutrition offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s not really much to lose giving it a try.

2. Prevagen Nootropic Stack

Prevagen Product Image
We Rated It:

Prevagen is a clinically-tested nootropic and brain health formula made by Quincy Bioscience.

We have placed this product into position #2 of our best nootropic supplements list because it’s another prime example of a brain-boosting nootropic formulated correctly.

While Prevagen have admittedly had a rocky history, the brand is currently one of the market-leaders; Prevagen in its current standing is a highly effective smart pill that uses clinically-tested ingredients.

The main function of this product is memory support, however it is also formulated to help support brain health, improve overall cognition and clearer thinking by reducing brain fog and boosting alertness.

The product comes in multiple strengths and even has a chewable version for those who don’t like taking pills. Acquiring Prevagen is very easy too, as it’s stocked in pretty much every single major supplement store nationwide – it can also be ordered online from all the main outlets. 

The bottom line: this is an example of a brand that redeemed itself and became a market leader. Prevagen is an excellent product with a proven formula – we believe that it’s a perfect option for anyone looking to overhaul their brain’s natural performance, regardless of age or gender.

3. OptiMind Nootropic

OptiMind Product Image
We Rated It:

OptiMind is a nootropic pill produced by AlternaScript LLC.

We have dropped this product into slot #3 of our best nootropic supplements list because of the potently-dosed formula that features 11 active brain-boosting ingredients.

OptiMind enhances mental focus and energy, meaning it’s a perfect option for those who find that their mental performance isn’t what it used to/should be. These cognition-enhancing effects are triggered by a potent blend of GABA, Phosphatidylserine, vitamins, Amino Acids and Huperzine.

You will not be able to find OptiMind in stores – unfortunately it’s only available via their official website, however the company ship worldwide, charge fair prices and also offer a 10-day trial option.

The bottom line: we believe that, if you’re willing to take this product on a daily basis, OptiMind really can help optimize your brain function. This nootropic has studies showing that it can help improve your focus and energy and is backed up with a 100% money-back guarantee.

4. Focus Factor

Focus Factor Product Image
We Rated It:

Focus Factor is a brain health support complex manufactured by Synergy CHC Corp.

Focus Factor comes in at entry #4 of our best nootropic supplements roundup because of its patented and clinically-tested formula that works to support brain health, as well as cognitive function.

By adding Focus Factor into your daily supplement schedule, there’s evidence to show the vitamin and mineral complex inside the product could help recondition your brain health, which may lead to improved mental performance.

To back up the brain health compounds, Focus Factor is also supported by a “Synergistic Proprietary Formulation”, which consists of memory, focus and concentration-boosting natural extracts such as Bacopa Monnieri, DMAE Bitartrate and Huperzine-A.

Focus Factor isn’t the cheapest nootropic out there, but it is widely available in most supplement stores, so if you’re eager to start you’ll be able to get your hands on it quickly.

The bottom line: how could we not recommend america’s best selling smart pill? This patent-protected product has a great reputation among nootropic-users and is clinically shown to help improve memory, concentration and focus – realistically what more could you ask for in a nootropic stack?

5. Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro Product Image
We Rated It:

Mind Lab Pro is a powerful nootropic complex made by Opti-Nutra.

We’ve placed this smart pill right in the middle of our list because it is an excellent example of a boutique nootropic stack that’s had some real thought put into it. 

If you’ve been shopping around for effective nootropic pills, there’s a good chance you’ve seen this product recommended at some point, in fact, Mind Lab Pro seems to be one of the most hyped up cognitive enhancer pills out there – after all, they promise that their product will induce “100% brainpower”.

Opti-Nutra have loaded Mind Lab Pro with 11 potently-dosed ingredients, all of which are backed by research and study. Regular usage of the product could help significantly boost the consumer’s memory, focus and mental energy.

This is another nootropic that unfortunately isn’t in stores; it can only be ordered directly from the official website. It’s certainly not cheap, but we believe the quality certainly justifies the premium price tag.

The bottom line: this product is another heavy-hitter with a great reputation. Sure it’s not the cheapest nootropic out there, but it’s loaded with awesome ingredients, will likely not produce any negative side-effects and it’ll genuinely help improve your cognition. Opti-Nutra also offer a satisfaction guarantee for anyone who isn’t totally happy – it’s always great to see a company put their money where their mouth is.

6. Alpha Brain Nootropics Complex

Alpha Brain Product Image
We Rated It:

Coming in at #6 on our best nootropics list is, ONNIT Labs’ Alpha Brain – a memory and focus support complex.

When it comes down to popularity, Alpha Brain is arguably one of the most well-known out there, being endorsed by a whole list of big-name celebrities and sports-personalities. Despite all the hype, these smart pills impressed us when we reviewed them.

The formula is caffeine-free and features a powerful blend of Bacopa, Cat’s Claw, Huperzine and Oat Straw.

ONNIT state that Alpha Brain has research showing it can potentially help support short-term memory and focus when used on a daily basis.

As you’d expect from a top rated product, the price isn’t exactly cheap, however you get what you pay for as always – there are definitely no half-measures here.

The bottom line: ONNIT are another huge name in the industry, and their flagship brain booster pill Alpha Brain should definitely be on your consideration list. The product is highly-praised, is clinically-studied and can potentially help positively overhaul your brain function.

7. Focus Formula

Focus Formula Product Image
We Rated It:

If you’ve been shopping around for a formula that works, you’ve more than likely came across Focus Formula, a cognitive-health supplement manufactured by Windmill Health Products. 

We have placed it in at position #7 because of it’s effective formula and attractive price tag.

As you’d expect from a best rated nootropic, Focus Factor only uses clinically-proven ingredients. Windmill Health state that, when used daily, the product can help to improve focus and concentration, support memory and recall, and boost energy and attention.

Inside a serving of Focus Factor is DMAE, Omega-3, GABA and Ginkgo Biloba. The product is also naturally caffeinated and could even serve as a replacement for coffee.

If you’re shopping around for a cheap nootropic, Focus Formula may be the perfect choice, as it’s actually the lowest-costing option on our list. It’s also stocked in most supplement stores nationwide.

The bottom line: while it’s not the most potent smart pill on the market, it still holds its own very well. If you’re looking to gain the mental-edge, Focus Formula should absolutely be on your shopping list.

The formula is loaded with scientifically-studied ingredients and may help to improve your cognition and brain health. What’s more, it’s affordable and will likely not produce any negative side effects.

8. Neuro Clarity

Neuro Clarity Product Image
We Rated It:

Neuro Clarity is a brain function booster made by Nutrition Essentials.

We have placed these pills at #8 of our top 10 nootropics list because it’s cost effective, widely available and uses genuinely decent ingredients for supporting brain health.

The formula is all natural, contains Ginko, St. Johns Wort and Bacopa Monnieri (all three extracts have research showing they can help support focus and short term memory), and is very unlikely to cause any negative side effects.

The bottom line: this triple-action product is designed to significantly improve your brainpower and performance, and it gets our thumbs up.

The ingredients are backed by scientific research, it’s affordable and they even offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

9. Qualia 2-Step Nootropic

We Rated It:

Qualia is a nootropic made by the very reputable Neurohacker Collective.

We’ve put Qualia at #9 because it’s yet another example of a high-end nootropic stack that has been formulated extremely well.

This self-proclaimed “premium nootropic for mental performance” is admittedly very expensive, but for good reason – there isn’t really a nootropic compound in existence that Qualia doesn’t contain!

This smart pill features a huge complex of 28 active ingredients, with standouts such as Cognizin, Ginkgo Biloba and Bacopa Monnieri – the formula even features a full brain-health vitamin blend to boot.

The bottom line: this high-end complex won’t be for everyone, mainly because of the price tag (in fact, it’s the most expensive on our list), but if you’re looking for a product that contains almost every nootropic compound under the sun (with standouts like Caffeine, Omega-3 fatty acids, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and Ginkgo Biloba) it’s a great choice.

We have no doubt that Qualia will help elevate your cognition and support your focus and memory. In addition to the great formula, Neurohacker Collective also offer a 100-day money-back guarantee.

10. Neuro-Peak

Neuro Peak Product Image
We Rated It:

And finally in at position #10 is Neuro-Peak, a memory, focus and clarity boosting stack created by Zhou Nutrition. 

This product is designed to trigger peak mental performance in just one capsule per day. Sustained usage of Neuro-Peak can help improve your alertness, support your short term memory and can also contribute towards your overall brain health.

This isn’t just some random cocktail of natural extracts – the ingredients are in precision doses and are all scientifically-researched.

The bottom line: don’t let the fact this product is in last place fool you, Zhou Nutrition have still created a very effective nootropic when it comes to Neuro-Peak.

They’ve formulated it will a complex of useful ingredients and aren’t charging ridiculous money for it – they even offer a 60-day money back guarantee which is always something we like to see. We think that this nootropic is definitely something to consider.

Nootropic FAQ

Below you'll find a list of the most commonly asked questions.

For the most part, we feel that good Nootropic supplements with effective formulations will work, however a brain-booster pill is really only as good as its formula.

If you’re considering using a Nootropic stack, you should do significant research into the product to ensure the ingredients used inside genuinely have the ability to produce cognitive enhancement results.

The top 10 list above consists entirely of products that actually do work.

For the most part, Nootropic supplements are very safe, however you should always take note of the ingredients inside the product.

Anything that contains research chemicals or pharmaceutical drug content could have the potential to be very dangerous.

We believe that an effective nootropic product can certainly help indirectly increase your IQ.

The concept that these products are “knowledge in a pill” is false, however they can help improve your focus, concentration and long and short term memory – these benefits can indirectly lead to increased IQ.

Potential side effects for Nootropic stacks completely vary depending on the formula of the product, so it’s very difficult to give an exact answer here.

Look for individual user feedback on nootropic supplements

Somewhat unique to nootropics, it seems that everybody responds differently to their effects. While it is true that the vast majority of users do not experience any negative effects, certain people can. Often, it’s best to look at individual user accounts of certain products to gain further insight.

Looking at user feedback, we found a few posts on nootropic supplements side effects that may potentially be useful.

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