Best Appetite Suppressants – The Most Effective We’ve Found

Editor’s Note: This list has been updated to contain only the most effective appetite suppressant pills available in 2018. Product #1 is our recommendation (as results are guaranteed), but any product in this roundup is great – happy reading!

Finding the best and most effective appetite suppressant pills can be a challenging task for consumers; a quick google search will reveal hundreds of different products that are all promising to stop your appetite dead in its tracks. With all that choice, how do you know the appetite suppressant product you’re selecting is the best one?

Our research team have looked at hundreds of different products on their mission to establish which products are worthy of our readers money. This top 10 list is a compilation of the best appetite suppressant pills we’ve came across in our time analyzing and reviewing these types of products – with so much time spent researching, we’re confident in our selection below:

    Top 10 Appetite Suppressants - Ranked On Effectiveness

    Position: Highlights:
    1.Overpwr appetite suppressant product image

    Overpwr is an appetite suppressant pill produced by Astral Nutrition.

    We have placed Overpwr at the very top of our best rated appetite suppressants list because, without mincing words, we believe this is the very best product available for long-term hunger reduction.

    This product helps suppress appetite by producing a natural feeling of fullness once it has been consumed with water. The primary active ingredient inside Overpwr is Konjac Glucomannan, a natural dietary fiber that expands upon consumption.

    Once you take a serving of Overpwr, it will gradually start to expand inside the stomach which will replicate the feeling of having eaten a meal. What’s more, it clinical-studies have shown Overpwr to be completely safe and highly effective for promoting healthy weight loss.

    It’s also stimulant-free so it can be taken in the evenings and can even be stacked with fat burner pills for enhanced weight loss effects.

    The Overpwr formula also has ingredients that are designed to help speed up your metabolic rates and also contains a B vitamin complex which will help naturally energize you without causing any jitters or adverse side effects.

    Getting your hands on this product is very easy – it’s available from most supplement stores nationwide and can also be ordered online from all the main outlets.

    The bottom line: if you’re looking for something to help you stop snacking, no matter what time of the day, then Overpwr is undoubtedly the product for you. When it comes down to it, we believe that this is an appetite control product that won’t let you down.

    It’s stimulant-free meaning it can be used in the evenings (prime snacking time), it uses active ingredients that are clinically-proven to both suppress hunger and directly contribute towards weight loss, and it also contains additional ingredients that’ll help keep you energized without triggering insomnia or sleep problems. The 30-day money-back guarantee is also a very nice thing to see them offer.

    Rating: (5/5)

    Overpwr Review

    2.Fat Blaster Appetite Suppressant Product Image
    As the name suggests, Fat Blaster’s Appetite Suppressant pills are designed to help curb user appetite levels.

    We have placed with product in second position of our best appetite suppressants roundup because it’s an excellent and cost-effective example of a hunger pill done right.

    While this product may not have all the bells and whistles like other products out there, the formula is still effective; at the core of this product is a complex of Glucomannan (an expansive fiber that’s designed to promote a feeling of satiety) and B vitamins, which work to help naturally increase energy levels and further support your metabolic rates.

    Not only can these pills help reduce your appetite, but they can also help contribute towards weight loss too. When taken prior to your three daily meals, Fat Blaster’s Appetite Suppressant can help you naturally consume less food, thus helping reduce your daily caloric intake – with some sustained usage this can lead to gradual and natural weight loss.

    Finding the Fat Blaster appetite suppressant pills isn’t too difficult, as they can be purchased online – however we do not believe they’re available in every supplement or health food store.

    The bottom line: Fat Blaster may not be the most well known supplement brand, but they really have created something special with their appetite suppressant pills. The formula contains clinically-proven Konjac Glucomannan and will genuinely help reduce hunger if used correctly.

    Rating: (5/5)

    Fat Blaster Appetite Suppressant Review

    3.Lipozene Product Image
    Lipozene is a highly effective appetite and weight management pill produced by Obesity Research Institute LLC.

    This product finds itself in position #3 because of it’s highly effective formula that uses proven appetite reducing ingredients.

    This is essentially just a 1-ingredient product; it contains Glucomannan fiber which swells up upon ingestion and replicates the feeling of having eaten a full meal – an effect that can last up to 3 hours.

    Studies have shown that taking Lipozene prior to your three daily meals can significantly help you naturally want to eat less food, which will trigger healthy and steady weight loss.

    The bottom line: if you’re just looking for an appetite suppressant that works, Lipozene is a solid choice. The formula contains all-natural dietary fiber that expands upon consumption - we believe that, if used correctly (i.e. with enough water), the product really will work to help curb those pesky hunger cravings.

    Rating: (5/5)

    Lipozene Review

    4.XLS Medical Appetite Reducer Product Image
    Appetite Reduce, as you’ve probably guessed by the name, is a hunger craving blocker created by XLS Medical.

    We have put this product in position #4 of our best appetite suppressant pills list because of its clinically-proven formulation.

    This product uses a highly-unique branded proprietary blend named Redusure, which consists of various expansive dietary fibers that are designed to suppress appetite and reduce hunger pangs.

    When consumed, this product swells up to 200x its normal size, which fills the stomach causing a natural feeling of satiety and fullness – essentially it replicates the feeling of having eaten a meal.

    A clinical study of Redusure showed that it helped the majority of 119 participants lose weight when used for a period of 4-12 weeks – the study also noted that the ingredient did not produce any negative side effects and was overall tolerated very well by everyone who used it.

    Ordering this product is as simple as visiting the official XLS Medical website. This product is also available in most good supplement stores.

    The bottom line: this product is backed-by-science and has been formulated by one of the most reputable nutrition companies out there. The XLS Appetite Reducer uses a branded expansive dietary fiber named Redusure and is supported by an in-depth clinical trial; if the science says it works, that’s good enough for us.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    XLS Medical Appetite Reducer Review

    5.Hunger Buster Product Image
    Hunger Buster is an appetite suppressant pill produced by the infamous supplement retailer Protein World.

    We have put this product in position #5 of our top rated hunger suppressants list because it’s affordable, contains proven ingredients and is widely available.

    As you’d expect from a product named Hunger Buster, this product helps you alleviate nagging hunger cravings through a clinically-proven formula consisting of expansive fiber and Garcinia Cambogia.

    When consumed with 400-500ml of water, the Hunger Buster capsules will swell up inside the stomach and will replicate the feeling of having eating a meal – this satiety-promoting effect is what causes the long-lasting appetite suppression.

    While it’s useful for staving off hunger, it’s also an effective product for those looking to lose weight too. When taken prior to your daily meals, Glucomannan (the main active ingredient inside Protein World’s Hunger Buster) has been shown to help contribute towards weight loss when used with a low calorie diet plan for a period of 8-12 weeks

    In addition to suppressing hunger and supporting weight loss, this product can also help boost your energy levels and may also help contribute towards a faster-running metabolism.

    Finding the Protein World Hunger Buster isn’t difficult at all – the brand ship worldwide and their products are commonly found in most health food stores worldwide.

    The bottom line: while the formula may be simple, it’s still a highly effective product for those looking to rid themselves of unwanted hunger cravings.

    Protein World have formulated their Hunger Buster pills with the clinically proven Konjac Glucomannan and have throw in a potent dose of Garcinia Cambogia for good measure. With correct usage there is no doubt that these pills will help reduce your appetite, and with the right diet, they can even help you shake off a few pounds too.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    Shake It Slim Weight Loss Capsules Review

    6.Shake It Slim Weight Loss Capsules Product Image
    Shake It Slim Weight Loss Capsules is a potent appetite suppressant pill formulated by Forza Supplements.

    We’ve placed this product into position #6 because it contains clinically-proven ingredients in the correct dosages. While the name may not directly say “appetite suppressant”, the product is designed to trigger weight loss by reducing the user’s desire to eat.

    The Shake It Slim Capsules may be simple (in fact this product only contains two active ingredients) but it’s highly effective and will get the job done if used as directed.

    As you’d expect from any best-rated appetite suppressant pill, Forza’s Shake It Slim Weight Loss Capsules contain a blend of expansive dietary fiber that produces a natural feeling of fullness once consumed, it also helps support normal energy levels and metabolic rates, further helping contribute towards weight loss.

    The product is highly affordable and available in most stores worldwide, meaning acquiring the pills won’t be difficult at all.

    The bottom line: Forza are widely regarded for their innovative products that offer excellent value for money, and their latest Shake It Slim Weight Loss Capsules follows suit.

    This product features a highly potent 1000mg of the highest grade Glucomannan (an expansive dietary fiber that promotes satiety) as well as other metabolism-boosting ingredients too. When used in the correct manner, this product will certainly help you curb your hunger cravings and lose weight.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    SkinnyFit Hunger Buster Review

    Hunger Buster is a craving reducer pill made by SkinnyFit.

    We’ve put this product at #7 on our best appetite suppressants list because of the attractive price point and avant-garde formula.

    SkinnyFit have taken the typical appetite suppressant pill ingredients and thrown them out the window – their Hunger Buster pills take a totally unique approach to curbing hunger pangs that could prove very beneficial for those who haven’t had success with the fiber-based appetite suppressants.

    This product contains a complex of Calcium, Chromium and Garcinia Cambogia and works on the theory that Garcinia has natural appetite-reducing properties, and that chromium can block cravings for sweets by regulating blood sugar levels.

    While the jury is still out on whether or not Garcinia Cambogia really can cause reliable appetite suppression (it hasn’t been fully acknowledged by the FDA) we believe that it likely can be beneficial, especially with there being millions of people worldwide who claim it does reduce appetite.

    SkinnyFit is another online-only brand, however getting your hands on the product isn’t too difficult as they ship worldwide.

    The bottom line: while it may seem like a brand only for women, this product is suitable for both genders. We like how this product takes a somewhat unique approach to appetite suppression – while it doesn’t contain any satiety-promoting dietary fiber (like Konjac), it does contain caffeinated ingredients that can help curb your appetite, as well as ingredients that can help regulate your blood sugar levels, further helping ward off your sweet-tooth.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    SkinnyFit Hunger Buster Review

    8.Cute Craving Crusher Product Image
    Craving Crusher is an appetite suppressant made by Cute Nutrition.

    We have put this product in position #8 of our best appetite suppressants list because of the affordable price tag, effective formulation and accessibility. While this seems like a brand that’s exclusive to women, the product is ideal for both men and women.

    This is another 2-ingredient product, however that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. Like the majority of products in this roundup, Craving Crusher utilizes the highly-praised Konjac Glucomannan to produce a filling-effect once consumed with 400-500ml of water.

    Adding to the formula is chromium, a mineral that helps to regulate blood sugar levels and also contributes towards normal macronutrient metabolism.

    When take prior to your three daily meals, Cute Nutrition’s Craving Crusher can help hasted weight loss by helping you naturally consume less calories.

    The company ship worldwide and don’t charge extortionate prices.

    The bottom line: this is another simple but highly effective product that offers consumers great value for money. While Cute Nutrition appear to be a brand for women, this product can definitely be used by both men and women. It contains Glucomannan fibers in a potent dose and also has Chromium added in to help regulate metabolism and normal blood sugar levels. Another product that works well – it gets our thumbs up.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    Cute Craving Crusher Review

    9.Xyngular Cheat Product Image
    Cheat is an appetite reduction pill manufactured by Xyngular.

    Cheat ranks in at position #9 of our best appetite suppressant pills roundup because of it’s proven formula that’s loaded with a potent dose of Green Coffee Bean Extract and Phytosterols.

    Xyngular have created a product that’s designed to prevent you from “cheating” on your diet by preventing the cravings for high calorie foods.

    By using Glucomannan the product helps keep you feeling full, and by providing Green Coffee Bean Extract the product helps to keep you naturally energized and may even help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels to boot.

    The bottom line: this nifty little product contains all the right ingredients that an effective appetite suppressant pill should contain. The formula is backed-by-science, will help fend off annoying hunger cravings, and will also help keep you energized throughout the day.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    Xyngular Cheat Review

    10.Performix SST Control Product Image
    Finally, in position #10 is SST Control, an appetite control formula, made by Performix.

    Performix are a well-known brand that produce excellent weight loss supplements, with their SST product range being most infamous. The SST Control pills have been designed to trigger weight loss by removing the user’s urges to consume vast amounts of food.

    This product is powered by Performix’s very own “EatLess” proprietary blend of Konjac Glucomannan, Garcinia Cambogia, Banaba Extract and Green Coffee Extract. It is further supported with a potent dose of chromium to help regulate blood sugar levels and metabolic rates.

    This product can be found in most supplement stores nationwide – it’s not the cheapest, but the product is very effective and reflects the ingredients used.

    The bottom line: don’t let the fact that it’s in position #10 fool you, this is still a highly effective product that utilizes clinically-proven ingredients designed for appetite suppression. It contains a whole host of vitamins and minerals, will contribute towards normal macronutrient metabolism and of course contains the dietary fiber Konjac Glucomannan, that will help promote satiety when consumed with adequate water.

    Rating: (4/5)

    SST Control Review

    For an appetite suppressant pill to become one of our recommended products it must meet our follow criteria:

    1. Affordable Price – This is a very important aspect. We look at whether the price is in direct correlation with the cost of ingredients used. Sometimes products price points are just ridiculous compared to the formula the manufacturer has used.
    2. Effective Ingredients Used – All marketing hype aside, a product is only as effective as its formula. When reviewing products our research team will look at whether the ingredients used within the product actually help with appetite suppression.
    3. Factual Manufacturer Claims – We like to look at what the manufacturer promises for their product. Often we see companies making unrealistic claims.
    4. Stellar Manufacturer Reputation – Finally we look at who makes the product and how trustworthy they are. We look into their trading history to find out whether they have any skeletons in their closet.

    Appetite Suppressant Frequently Asked Questions

    We’re here to answer all the questions you have about using appetite suppressant pills. Below you’ll find a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find your answer you can always drop us an email!

    Q. Do Appetite Suppressant Pills Work?

    Answer: The effectiveness of an “appetite suppressant” will vary on a product by product basis. Just because a manufacturer claims their product is an appetite suppressant doesn’t necessarily mean it is one; the market has been flooded with fraudulent scam products in recent years.

    If you’ve been given prescription appetite suppressant pills by your doctor, then you shouldn’t worry too much as they’re almost certain to work to some degree. If you’re using an over-the-counter appetite suppressant pill you’ll need to be vigilant and ensure you do your research, using trusted sources only, prior to purchasing.

    Many products claiming to be an appetite suppressant are actually nothing more than a generic fat burner – fat burner pills and appetite suppressant pills are not the same thing. Typically fat burner pills are stimulant-based and work to ignite the body’s metabolic rates, whereas appetite suppressants help remove the urge to eat.

    The easiest way to identify whether or not a product is a genuine appetite suppressant is to take a look at the formula, particularly for expansive, water-soluble fiber like Konjac Glucomannan.

    It can all get very confusing looking at formulas. If you’re unsure, the best thing to do would be to stick to our top 5 list above as we have personally verified them all as effective for hunger suppression.

    Q. Do Appetite Suppressants Make You Lose Weight?

    Answer: Indirectly appetite suppressants can make you lose weight, but only if you approach them with the right frame of mind.

    If you’re overeating significantly on a daily basis and use appetite suppressants, it can help you lower your overall intake of calories. A reduced appetite means you’ll naturally want to consume less food, which may result in natural weight loss.

    Even while you are using appetite suppressant pills, you must ensure that you are not exceeding your body’s daily caloric maintenance (which is approximately 2000 calories per day for a women and 2500 calories per day for a man). If you’re still continuing to consume more calories than your body needs, you’ll continue to gain weight.

    For improved weight loss results, you may consider taking a fat burner pill along side an appetite suppressant pill, as both types of product typically work synergistically together by igniting the metabolism and removing the urge to eat.

    Q. What Are The Appetite Suppressant Side Effects?

    Answer: While side effects for over-the-counter appetite suppressant pills are rare, users may experience:

    Bloating, stomach discomfort, gas/flatulence and mild nausea. [1]

    These side effects stem from the main ingredient used inside appetite suppressants which is called Konjac Glucomannan. This ingredient is a water-soluble expansive fiber that swells up to 200x its original size when consumed. This swelling effect helps replicate the feeling of having eaten a full meal, but it can also cause the side effects listed above.

    Marina Ma, MD
    Staff Writer at DietProbe
    Marina has an MD from U-M and is a resident writer and fact checker at DietProbe.