Best Carb Blockers – The Most Effective We’ve Found

Editor’s Note: This list has been updated to contain only the most effective carb blockers available in 2018. Product #1 is our recommendation (as results are guaranteed), but any product in this roundup is great – happy reading!

Since carb blockers hit the scene in the late ’90s their popularity has only continued to grow, with them now being one of the most desired and effective weight loss supplements out there. Carb blockers proved to be a smash-hit with dieters all over the world because they allow those following a low-calorie diet plan to eating carb-heavy foods.

Unfortunately not all carb blocker pills are created equal – as more and more companies begin to produce subpar versions to cash in on the hype, consumers face a difficult task of finding a carb blocker that actually works.

With so many products to choose from, it’s more important than ever to do your research. We have produced this top 10 best carb blockers list to help guide you towards a more effective purchase. The list contains nothing but highly-effective products that have met our rigorous approval processes:

    Top 10 Carb Blockers - Ranked On Effectiveness

    Position: Highlights:
    1.refuze carb blocker product image
    Refuze is a max strength carbohydrate blocker produced by Astral Nutrition.

    We have put this product in the first position of our best carb blocker pills list because we believe that this is hands down the best product out there – Refuze uses clinically-proven ingredients, has further fat burning effects and can even help suppress your appetite as well.

    As you’d expect from a top rated carb blocker, the main function of Refuze is to block carbohydrate absorption, thus causing your body to absorb significantly less calories from the carbs in your food. This carb-inhibiting effect is cause by a potent complex of White Kidney Bean Extract, Chromium, Vitamin C, Natural Caffeine and Guarana.

    In addition to the carb blocking effects, Refuze also doubles up as a highly effective short-term appetite suppressant – a very useful effect for those who will be sticking to a low-calorie diet plan while using the product.

    Finally, Refuze contains metabolism-boosting ingredients that can help trigger your body into burning calories at a faster rate than normal, further contributing towards fast and healthy weight loss.

    While this isn’t the cheapest carb blocker out there, it’s certainly not the most expensive either – when you consider that you’re getting a cutting-edge carb blocker that has a whole host of additional benefits and a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s a very good deal.

    The bottom line: to us, this is the best carb blocking pill that money can buy; taking Refuze prior to your meals can help you significantly lower your daily caloric intake with minimal effort, it also can help reduce your hunger cravings and will even give your metabolism a boost too.

    Rating: (5/5)

    Refuze Carb Blocker Review

    2.meratol product image
    Meratol is a carbohydrate inhibitor made by Bauer Nutrition.

    We have placed Meratol in position #2 of our best carb blockers list because this is another multi-action carbohydrate inhibitor that also comes with metabolism-boosting and appetite-suppressing effects.

    Like all the carb blockers on this list, Meratol primarily works by reducing the amount of carbohydrates you can absorb from your meals – by taking servings of Meratol before each meal, you will be blocking your carbohydrate absorption and lowering your daily calorie intake.

    As well as the carb blocking effects, Bauer Nutrition have loaded this product with metabolism boosting compounds like Caffeine Anhydrous and Ascophylum Nodosum – both ingredients have certain studies showing they can help stimulate the central nervous system, thus triggering a faster rate of calorie expenditure.

    And last but by no means least, Meratol is also a nice little short-term appetite suppressant too - the stimulant content of this product has been shown in some studies to help curb hunger pangs.

    Meratol is another carb blocker that isn’t exactly cheap, but again, you get what you pay for when it comes to supplements. In terms of availability, Meratol is only available via Bauer Nutrition’s official website, however they ship worldwide and have an excellent reputation.

    The bottom line: Meratol is another fine example of a carb blocker done right. It contains potent ingredients that are backed by research, it’s priced appropriately and even comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee to protect those who aren’t satisfied.

    Rating: (5/5)

    Meratol Review

    3.Pre Meal Carb Blocker
    Applied Nutrition’s Pre-meal carb blocker is one of the most well respected products on the market.

    We have put this product in position #3 because it’s been around since the beginning and uses a simple but highly effective formula to help consumers reduce their carbohydrate calorie intake.

    As the name suggests, you’re meant to take this prior to your meals. Applied Nutrition state that this product is “designed to help combat carb calories from high-carb meals such as pasta, pizza and bread” – after some further research into the formula, we believe this product will indeed make good on its claims to inhibit carbohydrate absorption.

    Pre-Meal Carb Blocker is a 1-ingredient product – at its core is a potent dose of White Kidney Bean Extract (1000mg to be exact); this ingredient has been shown to inhibit amylase, the enzyme inside your stomach responsible for starch-digestion. The concept is simple, by stopping your body from breaking down the carbohydrates in your meals, you miss out on the calories.

    This may well be the most accessible carb blocker out there, in fact, it’s in just about every supplement store across the nation, so getting your hands on it should be easy. Furthermore, it’s very affordable and many retailers that carry it offer satisfaction guarantees.

    The bottom line: this is a simple but effective carb blocker that just simply works. It’s easy to acquire, uses a potent formula and doesn’t cost the earth.

    Rating: (5/5)

    Pre-Meal Carb Blocker Review

    4.Carb Intercept Product Image
    Carb Intercept by Natrol is a phase-2 carb blocker product with a top rated nutritional profile.

    This product finds itself in position #4 of our best carb blockers list because, when taken directly before starch-heavy meals, this product can significantly reduce your calorie-absorption from said carbohydrates.

    Natrol have loaded Carb Intercept with a potent dosage of White Kidney Bean Extract, which as we’ve already established, inhibits the carb-digesting enzyme amylase. By stopping your body from absorbing the carbohydrate calories, you’ll be indirectly lowering your daily caloric intake, which can result in faster weight loss than normal, provided you’re sticking to a low-calorie diet.

    In addition to its carb-blocking effects, Carb Intercept also contains a healthy dose of chromium which contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and also helps regulate blood sugar levels, meaning it’s great for keeping your cravings for sweets to a minimum and keeping your energy levels high.

    When it comes to affordability, this is the cheapest product on the list – but don’t let the price fool you, this is still a very effective carb blocker for those who are looking to lose weight.

    The bottom line: it’s vegetarian-friendly, suitable for both men and women, and the clinically proven formula combined with the extremely affordable price tag makes this a product to consider in our book.

    Rating: (5/5)

    Carb Intercept Review

    5.GNC Phase 2 Carb Controller Product Image
    GNC (General Nutrition Centers) are a household name in the supplement industry and have a fantastic reputation for producing highly effective products. Their in-house weight loss range entitled “total lean” includes just about every single weight loss pill in existence, so it should not come as a surprise that they offer a carb blocker.

    We have placed their Phase 2 Carb Controller at #5 of our best carb blocker pills list because of the potent, clinically proven formula, great price point and user-friendliness.

    This is another 1-ingredient product, offering consumers 1000mg of the highest-quality White Kidney Bean Extract. GNC states that when taken prior to a carb-heavy meal, their Phase 2 Carb Controller can help reduce up to 50% of the carbohydrate-calories by inhibiting the amylase enzymes inside your stomach.

    The bottom line: when it comes down to it, GNC have an excellent track record of producing great quality weight loss supplements at a great price, and their carb blocking pills are no exception. It’s by no means the most cutting-edge or advanced product out there, but it contains a potent dose of White Kidney Bean Extract and will certainly help reduce your daily caloric intake if used correctly.

    Rating: (5/5)

    GNC Phase 2 Carb Blocker Review

    6.Irwin Naturals 3-in-1 Carb Blocker Product Image
    3-in-1 Carb Blocker from Irwin Naturals is a multi-functional carb blocking weight loss pill that should definitely be on your shopping list. 

    This product finds itself in position #6 because, as the name suggests, it’s a 3-in-1 product that offers consumers a well-rounded weight loss solution.

    While the main function of this product is to inhibit carbohydrate absorption inside the stomach, the product is also formulated to enhance digestion speeds and improve the user’s metabolic rates.

    The main active ingredient inside Irwin Naturals’ carb blocker is White Kidney Bean Extract – which as we stated earlier, is a natural herbal extract that inhibits amylase enzymes. By inhibiting the amylase from converting carbohydrates into glucose, you do not absorb the calories from the carbohydrates you’ve eaten.

    The formula is also supported with a healthy dose of chromium which helps contribute towards the metabolism of macronutrients. There’s also research showing that chromium helps to regulate blood sugar levels too.

    This is another product that’s very easy to get a hold of, with it being stocked in most good health food retailers. It’s definitely not the cheapest carb blocker, but for a 3-in-1 product, it offers excellent value for money.

    The bottom line: Irwin Natural are a company known for their high quality supplements that actually work. Their 3-in-1 Carb Blocker is an excellent option for anyone looking for support towards their weight loss goals.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    3-in-1 Carb Blocker Review

    7.Sheer Block Product Image
    Sheer Block is a max strength carbohydrate blocker produced by Sheer Strength Labs.

    We’ve positioned it at #7 because this is essentially a 2-in1 combination product with numerous weight loss benefits.

    Sheer Strength Labs state that Sheer Block supports healthy weight loss in women and men in two primary ways – 1. by significantly reducing the calories the user absorbs from their carb-heavy foods, and 2. by boosting the user’s metabolic rates, causing the body to burn calories at a faster rate.

    At the core of Sheer Block is a potently dosed complex of White Kidney Bean Extract and Green Tea Extract (containing 56% polyphenols). After some further research into Sheer Block, we have concluded that the product will indeed help prevent carb absorption and may also help spike metabolic rates.

    Obtaining Sheer Block isn’t difficult at all – the product can be purchased from most online shopping outlets as well as from Sheer Strength Labs themselves. Ordering direct grants the customer a money-back satisfaction guarantee, which is always nice to see.

    The bottom line: these carb blocking pills are competitively priced and are a great choice for somebody who’s also looking for a carb blocker with added Green Tea Extract.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    Sheer Block Review

    8.Keospark Carb Blocker Product Image
    KeoSpark is an impressive multi-functional Carb Blocker produced by Kingdom Life Sciences.

    We have put KeoSpark in position #8 of our best carb blockers list because not only does it offer consumers an effective carbohydrate-calorie blocking complex, it also has a whole host of other weight loss benefits too; this really is a double-action product in our opinion.

    Kingdom Life Sciences claim that KeoSpark is a weight loss pill that’s designed to be used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet and exercise plan. They go onto state that the formula helps support healthy weight loss by supporting normal energy levels, reducing your daily calorie intake and by boosting normal metabolism speeds.

    After further research, we found that KeoSpark will very likely make good on its promises – the formula contains a large dose of White Kidney Bean Extract to inhibit amylase enzymes, an added B-vitamin complex to help support energy and macronutrient metabolism, and finally the chromium inside the product can help regulate blood sugar levels and further boost metabolic rates.

    The bottom line: due to the jam-packed formula, the KeoSpark carb blocker is somewhat expensive, however we believe it’s worth the money (especially when you consider that it’s loaded with proven ingredients). The product really will help you block out carbohydrates, and the added B vitamins and chromium will likely help boost you further towards a leaner physique.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    KeoSpark Carb Blocker Review

    9.Base Carb Crush Product Image
    Carb Crush is a powerful carbohydrate blocker made by a company named BASE Nutrition. This product saw some serious hype after BASE claimed it was a “smart weight loss pill” that “allows you to cheat on your diet”.

    Carb Crush is coming in at #9 because the product contain some very useful ingredients for supporting weight loss in both men and women.

    At the core of this product is a proprietary blend of three active ingredients: Grape Seed Extract, Delphinol and Chromium. Interestingly, this is the only product on our best carb blockers list to utilize the branded Moqui Berry Extract named Delphinol – an ingredient which has clinical studies showing it can help “contribute to improving carbohydrate and lipid metabolism”.

    The bottom line: all suspicious marketing ploys aside, this product is very helpful for supporting weight loss. While we would still advise you don’t cheat on your diet, if you must, Carb Crush could be a very useful tool for minimizing the damage.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    Carb Crush Review

    10.Cblock Carb Blocker Product Image
    And finally, in position #10 we come to Absolute Nutrition’s C Block. We simply had to pay homage to the product that started it all – that’s right, this is the first ever carb blocker to hit the market.

    Unknowingly, Absolute Nutrition released a product-type that would become a smash-hit with dieters worldwide, and still to this day does the product hold up well.

    The C Block carb blocking pills are powered by a formula consisting of a potent dose of Chromium and Vanadium, with a large dose of White Kidney Bean Extract.

    As we’ve stated numerous times now, when ingested, White Kidney Bean Extract helps counteract amylase – the enzyme responsible for breaking down carbohydrates into glucose. Inhibiting these enzymes has been shown in certain studies to prevent your body from absorbing the carbohydrate calories, and when used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet plan, can help support healthy and natural weight loss.

    The bottom line: it may be old, but C Block still works, very well. The formula contains the same ingredients as all the market-leading carb inhibitor formulas and we don’t see why any consumer who uses it correctly wouldn’t see decent weight loss results from it.

    Rating: (4/5)

    C Block Review

    In order for a carb blocker to gain our approval and become one of our recommended products, it must meet the following criteria:

    1. The price can’t be outrageous – We don’t believe weight loss supplements should be overpriced. We know a rip-off when we see one, that’s why we will not recommend any overly-expensive products to our readers.
    2. We must deem the formula effective for purpose – This one is obvious; the product should actually work. We’ve came across hundreds of carb blockers that have turned out to be completely ineffective. If a product cannot make good on its claims it will not get our approval.
    3. Truthful product descriptions – Manufacturers should not purposely be lying to their prospective customers about the ability of their product(s).
    4. Manufacturer reputation – We will only ever recommend a product to our readers when it’s from a manufacturer with a clean trading history, good customer service and great reputation.

    Carb Blocker Frequently Asked Questions

    We’re here to answer all the questions you have about using carb blockers. Below you’ll find a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find your answer you can always drop us an email!

    Q. Do Carb Blockers Work?

    Answer: For most users, carb blocker pills can work very well for those looking to lose weight. Carb blockers work by reducing the amount of calories the body can absorb from the carbohydrates in your diet. They are taken with, or directly after, a meal and work to prevent amylase, which allows the carbs to pass through your body undigested.

    Q. Are Carb Blockers Safe?

    Answer: The answer to this question is entirely dependent on the ingredients used within each particular carb blocker product. We would say that, for the most part, yes carb blocker pills are safe – provided that they’re using the correct ingredients.

    As establishing whether a particular carb blocker is safe can be somewhat difficult and require a thorough understanding of nutrition, we recommend you just stick to the top 10 list above, or ask your doctor prior to using the product.

    Q. What Are Carb Blocker Side Effects?

    Answer: Side effects to using carb blockers are typically rare. However the side effects users may experience from are:

    • Bloating
    • Flatulence
    • Diarrhea
    • Gastric discomfort
    • Nausea

    These side effects are possible but may not be the typical user experience.

    If you experience negative side effects while using a carb blocker product you may wish to discontinue usage until the effects subside.

    Q. How Do I Use Carb Blockers?

    Answer: To use carb blockers properly, you will need to consume the product directly before, during or after a carb-heavy meal. Taking the product when you haven’t eaten will produce no such carbohydrate neutralizing effects – the carb blockers must be in your stomach at the same time as the food in order to work.

    Q. Will Carb Blockers Cause Weight Loss Without Exercise?

    Answer: It’s very easy to lose weight without exercise while using Carb Blockers, as long as you ensure you’re not consuming more calories per day than your body requires. For men this is usually around 2500 Kcals per day and for women it’s around 2000 Kcals per day.

    Carb Blockers will help reduce your overall calorie absorption from carbohydrates, which can contribute towards weight loss. Remember, no weight loss supplement can counteract a diet of excess.

    If you do decide to exercise while using carb blockers and monitoring your daily caloric intake, you can expect to see weight loss results significantly faster than those who do not exercise.

    Kath Ross, PhD
    Health Editor at DietProbe
    Kathryn is a Ph.D Health Editor here at DietProbe. She specializes in diabetes and weight control research and in her spare time she's a professional cat lady and wine connoisseur!