Editor’s Note: This list has been updated to contain only the most effective male enhancement pills available in 2018. Product #1 is our recommendation (as results are guaranteed), but any product in this roundup is great – happy reading!

Male enhancement pills (also known as erection pills, or by the slightly cruder name “dick pills”) are nutraceutical products designed to help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction by allowing them the ability to gain and maintain an erection as they once could.

Since the first wave of male enhancement pills launched back in the 90’s, they proved to be a smash-hit with men all across the globe. As a result of their popularity, there are now literally thousands of different male enhancement pill options available to consumers, as more and more companies scramble to cash in on the hype.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of these types of products and one common theme that we’ve noticed is that they all claim to be “the best and most effective”, but unfortunately that’s just not always the case – in fact, we’ve stumbled on numerous products that just blatantly won’t work at all.

If you’re shopping for an effective male enhancement pill, it’s critical that you do your homework and fully research the ingredients in the product(s) you’re considering.

To help guide you towards a more effective purchase, we have produced this best male enhancement pills list:

    Top 10 Male Enhancement Pills - Ranked On Effectiveness

    Position: Highlights:
    1.Vi-Alpha Male Enhancement Product Image
    Vi-Alpha is a male enhancement product created by Astral Nutrition.

    This product finds itself at the very top of our best male enhancement pills list because, without beating about the bush, this is by far the most effective product we’ve came across.

    Vi-Alpha works in multiple ways to totally overhaul the user’s sexual performance.

    Firstly, it contains PDE5 inhibiting ingredients which improve blood flow to the penis, granting harder and longer-lasting erections. These very same ingredients will also improve your erection recovery time, meaning having intercourse multiple times in a single night becomes easier too.

    Secondly, Vi-Alpha is loaded with natural libido-enhancing ingredients which can help turbo-charge your sex drive. Often ED can be as much of a mental thing as it is a physical thing – with Vi-Alpha’s clinically-proven “libido blend”, your natural desires for intercourse should significantly increase.

    Finally, the product works to improve your sexual stamina (i.e. it’ll allow you to last longer in bed). Vi-Alpha contains natural numbing ingredients which can help partially reduce sensitivity, preventing any embarrassing premature ejaculations.

    When it comes to acquiring Vi-Alpha, it’s very easy – the product is in most good supplement stores and can be ordered online too (online customers can take advantage of their 30-day money back guarantee).

    The bottom line: after analyzing hundreds of different male enhancement pills, Vi-Alpha was the best one we found. It contains a clinically proven formula that allows for easier, bigger and harder erections. It also helps send your sex drive into overdrive, and it can even make you last longer too – realistically, what more could you want from a male enhancement product?

    Rating: (5/5)

    Vi-Alpha Review

    2.Priamax Product Image
    PriaMax is a male enhancement capsule and self proclaimed “sex pill” produced by ED Cure International.

    We have placed this product into position #2 of our top 10 male enhancement pills list because it’s another excellent example of an erection pill formulated correctly.

    At the core of PriaMax is a proprietary blend of blood-flow enhancing natural extracts, amino acids and minerals. By improving blood flow, PriaMax helps support harder and longer-lasting erections, it can also help you re-gain an erection faster too (indirectly supporting your sexual stamina).

    In addition to this we find natural libido enhancers which can further work to improve the user’s sex drive and desires.

    Despite being an OTC product, PriaMax isn’t actually available in stores – it can only be ordered via the official website.

    The bottom line: this product works in multiple ways to help significantly improve the user’s sexual performance - from supporting psychosomatically by elevating sex drive levels, to supporting any physical ED issues you may have by improving blood flow. When it comes to the formula, it contains nothing but research-backed ingredients, as any top rated male enhancement pill should. Overall, if you’re looking for something that’ll get the job done, we highly recommend you take a look at this product.

    Rating: (5/5)

    Priamax Review

    3.Extagen Product Image
    Extagen for men is an all-natural male enhancement supplement made by a company named Extagen Products.

    This product finds itself in position #3 of our best male enhancement pills roundup because of the proven formula.

    Extagen is a research-backed pill that’s primary function is to improve your ability to gain and maintain an erection. With it’s potent, all-natural formula consisting of L-Arginine, Yohimbe Bark and Maca Root, the product works to both elevate the users sex drive levels, while also improving blood flow to the penis.

    Getting your hands on these pills isn’t difficult, but unfortunately they’re not in stores. When it comes to the price tag, this isn’t the cheapest on our list, however the price does accurately reflect the formula.

    The bottom line: this product is safe, all-natural and the manufacturers claim they’ve sold millions of bottles to men all across the world. If you’re willing to invest a little more into a more “premium” male enhancement pill, Extagen could be something to consider. With a clinically-proven formula and a whole host of positive feedback and user-success stories, we couldn’t not recommend these impotence pills.

    Rating: (5/5)

    Extagen Review

    4.Prelox Product Image
    Prelox is a male enhancement proprietary blend that’s created and licensed by a UK company named Horphag Research.

    We’ve put Prelox into slot #4 of our top male enhancemen list because it’s a clinically-proven proprietary blend that’s been formulated by expert nutritionists for the sole purpose of treating erectile dysfunction.

    Finding Prolox isn’t difficult either – the patented proprietary blend has been licensed out to be used by numerous male enhancement product manufacturers, meaning finding one containing Prelox on the shelf of your local supplement store is more than likely.

    The bottom line: when it comes to male enhancement pills, the clinically-proven ones will always float to the top of the pile. Prelox has been demonstrated in clinical studies to improve blood flow to the penis, allowing for harder erections – if the science says it works, that’s good enough for us.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    Prelox Review

    5.Ropex Product Image
    Ropex is a male enhancement and seminal fluid booster manufactured by New Generation Labs.

    This supplement finds itself right in the middle of our top 10 male enhancement pills list because it’s a very useful double-action formula that has both erection-enhancing and semen-volume boosting effects.

    First and formost, Ropex is what is known as a semen enhancer (i.e. it’s designed to increase sperm production), however as it is loaded with a powerful proprietary blend of L-Arginine and Yohimbe, it works well for improving erection quality too.

    The formula is all-natural and has research showing that it will make good on both claims of erection enhancement and sperm volume enhancement.

    Ropex is sadly not available in stores, however the product can be ordered online via the official website and is shipped worldwide.

    The bottom line: while its primarily purpose isn’t male enhancement, the formula features a couple of good ingredients that can help improve your sex drive and ability to gain and maintain an erection. This sexual performance enhancer gets two thumbs up from us.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    Ropex Review

    6.Libido Blast Product Image

    Libido Blast is a male enhancement and sex-drive booster created by a brand named Erection Booster Labs.

    These herbal V pills are coming in at #6 because it’s another double-action product that not only supports the user’s physical ability to gain/maintain an erection, but it also supports psychosomatically too by enhancing libido.

    As far as anti-impotence pills go, the science speaks for itself – this product has been formulated with 100% research-backed ingredients that have been shown to potentially aid erection quality, sexual stamina and libido levels.

    Furthermore, the ingredients inside Libido Blast are all-natural and are highly unlikely to cause negative side effects.

    The bottom line: if you’re struggling with low sex drive levels or erection issues, Libido Blast should be a product you consider using. It contains a potent formulation of effective ingredients, may also help optimize male hormones, won’t produce any side effects and is made in the UK.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    Libido Blast Review

    7.rock hard revolution product image

    Rock Hard Revolution is a male sexual performance enhancer made by HB&S Solutions.

    These pills are in #7 of our best erection boosted pills list because of their clinically-proven formula and highly-positive manufacturer reputation.

    When it comes to producing genuine male enhancement, Rock Hard Revolution contains all the right ingredients. The formula consists of L-Arginine, Oat Straw and Maca Root – all of which have studies showing they can help improve blood flow and simulate libido.

    If you’re looking for a cheap male enhancement pill that will still actually work, Rock Hard Revolution may be the product for you.

    The bottom line: As far as pills to stop impotence go, this product is certainly something to bare in mind. It contains scientifically researched ingredients that can support harder and longer-lasting erections, and it will help naturally elevate your sex drive too. It’s also reassuring to see that HB&S Solutions also promise a 100% money-back guarantee for anyone who isn’t fully satisfied.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    Rock Hard Revolution Review

    8.Mr Thick Male Enhancement Product Image
    In position #8 is Mr Thick, a popular erectile dysfunction pill created by USA Supplements.

    Don’t let the silly name fool you, these erection pills are actually some of the best on the market.

    As you’d expect from any best rated erectile dysfunction supplement, the formula contains nothing but research-backed natural extracts and amino acids such as Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, Sarsaparilla powder and Tribulus Terrestris.

    After further investigation into these herbal blue pills, we came to the conclusion that the Mr Thick pills genuinely could help improve erection quality, support libido levels and also improve the user’s natural energy levels.

    The bottom line: while it may have a comical name, the formula is clinically-proven to support blood flow which is always great to see. If you’re looking for a well-thought-out herbal V pill that actually works, this is definitely a one to consider.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    Mr Thick Review

    9.Erectimax Product Image
    Erectimax is a male enhancement and hormone support complex by The Blue Pill LLC.

    We have dropped this supplement into slot #9 because it’s a useful ED pill that offers excellent value to consumers.

    This potent formula contains ingredients that are designed to maximize erections and stimulate sex-drive. At the core of ErectiMax is a proprietary blend of Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, Ginseng and Oat Straw.

    Not only does this product help increase sexual performance, there’s also a complex of testosterone optimizing natural extracts in there too, which can further help support virility.

    The bottom line: we really like how this is another 2-in-1 product that helps improve the user’s erectile function and libido levels. The formula is absolutely loaded with quality ingredients, but it comes at a cost, as this is the highest-priced blue pill on our list.

    Rating: (4.5/5)

    Erectimax Review

    10.Alpha RX Product Image
    And finally in position #10 we come to Alpha RX, a male enhancement and libido pill produced by MenGenix.

    This product is designed to support sexual vitality, virility and vigor, and is loaded with a potent blend of Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, Palmetto and Wild Yam extract.

    Other than helping alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, there is also research showing that this product can help support energy levels and sexual stamina too.

    Acquiring a bottle of Alpha RX isn’t difficult as it’s for sale on all major marketplace platforms. When it comes to the price, we believe that it’s an accurate reflection of the high quality ingredients used.

    The bottom line: sure, this isn’t the most potent erection pill out there, but it still contains ingredients that’ll help support the user’s ability to gain an erection. We like how this product is also priced very competitively and is easily available on all major marketplace platforms.

    Rating: (4/5)

    Alpha RX Review

    In order for a male enhancement pill to gain our approval and become one of our recommended products, it must meet the following criteria:

    1. It shouldn’t be too expensive – We never like seeing our readers paying over the odds for a product. If we’re going to recommend a product, it will never be anything that has an excessively high price tag.
    2. It needs to work – It goes without saying that the product you’re buying should be fit for purpose. If we deem a product’s formula to be ineffective it will not be recommended.
    3. Honesty in the product claims – Too often we see manufacturers making barefaced lies about their product’s ability. If we see anything misleading or deceptive we will reject it.
    4. The manufacturer must have a good reputation – We make sure that the company behind the product is legitimate and honourable with good customer service.

    Male Enhancement Pill Frequently Asked Questions

    We’re here to answer all the questions you have about using Male Enhancement Pills. Below you’ll find a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find your answer you can always drop us an email!

    Q. Are Male Enhancement Pills Safe?

    Answer: The answer to this question lies entirely with each individual product formula. We have come across products that have been possibly unsafe, we’ve also come across products that are completely safe. If you’re considering a product, you may wish to stick to the top 10 best rated list above as we have personally verified their legitimacy, effectiveness and safety.

    Q. What Are Male Enhancement Pill Side Effects?

    Answer: Potential side effects to male enhancement pills can vary depending on the product, however generally speaking the following side effects are possible:

    • Indigestion
    • Heart burn
    • Hot flashes
    • Increased heart rate

    Note: these side effects are possible but may not be the typical user experience.

    Q. Can Male Enhancement Pills Make You Last Longer During Sexual Intercourse?

    Answer: If you’re suffering from premature ejaculation, certain male enhancement pills can help. Depending on the formula, there are some products that work to produce a numbing effect, which can allow you to last longer in bed.

    Q. Can Male Enhancement Pills Increase Penis Size Permanently?

    Answer: The rumor that there are pills that can increase penis size is utterly ridiculous. There isn’t a product in existence that can cause permanent growth to the male genitalia.

    Any company that claim they can permanently add extra inches onto your penis are attempting to scam you.

    Marina Ma, MD
    Marina Ma, MD
    Staff Writer at DietProbe
    Marina has an MD from U-M and is a resident writer and fact checker at DietProbe.
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