Editor’s Note: This list has been updated to contain only the most effective stimulant-free fat burners available in 2018. Product #1 is our recommendation (as results are guaranteed), but any product in this roundup is great – happy reading!

It’s not a big secret that humans are gradually becoming more and more obese as a species, which explains why there’s a booming weight management industry that provides consumers solutions for lowering body fat.

While the most popular fat burner supplements typically do contain stimulants such as caffeine, green tea, bitter orange etc., there are also numerous other non-stimulant versions that are catered towards those who do not tolerate stimulants well.

Nowadays it’s a difficult task to find a nutritional supplement company that doesn’t produce a stimulant-free diet pill. With so much choice, finding an effective one can be hard; to help you select a non-stimulant fat burner that actually works, we’ve put together this top 10 list of the best products we’ve personally came across:

    Top 10 Stimulant-Free Fat Burners - Ranked On Effectiveness

    Position: Highlights:
    1.PyroBlaze Stim-Free Product Image
    Rating: (5/5)

    PyroBlaze Stim-Free Review

    2.Quadralean Stimulant Free Product Image
    Rating: (5/5)

    Quadralean Stimulant Free Review

    3.Leanmode Stimulant Free Fat Burner Product Image
    Rating: (5/5)

    LeanMode Review

    4.Slimvance Stimulant Free Product Image
    Rating: (5/5)

    Slimvance Stimulant Free Review

    5.Lean XT Non-Stimulant Product Image
    Rating: (5/5)

    Lean XT Non-Stimulant Review

    6.SuperHD Fire Stimulant Free Product Image
    Rating: (5/5)

    SuperHD Fire Stimulant-Free Review

    7.Thermo Detonator Stimulant-Free Product Image
    Rating: (5/5)

    Thermo Detonator Stimulant-Free Review

    8.Hydroxycut Non-Stimulant Product Image
    Rating: (5/5)

    Hydroxycut Non-Stimulant Review

    9.Thermo Pure Caffeine Free Product Image
    Rating: (5/5)

    Thermo Pure Caffeine-Free Review

    10.Legion Phoenix Caffeine Free Product Image
    Rating: (4/5)

    Pheonix Fat Burner Stim-Free Review

    Stimulant-Free Fat Burners Frequently Asked Questions

    Below you’ll find a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find your answer you can always drop us an email!

    Q. Do Stimulant-Free Fat Burners Work?

    Answer: Yes, non-stimulant fat burning pills are highly effective for the purposes of losing weight, provided they’re used in a correct manner.

    The reality is, certain people don’t tolerate stimulants well, which is why the stim-free alternatives are great; they work in a very similar manner, only utilizing ingredients that do not contain sources of caffeine.

    Q. Are Stimulant-Free Fat Burners Safe?

    Answer: Stimulant-free fat burners are completely safe provided you select a product that doesn’t use any banned or dangerous ingredients; this is why we always recommend you order from reputable manufacturers, as unfortunately there are products out there that contain harmful ingredients.

    Q. Can I Take Stimulant-Free Fat Burners While Pregnant?

    Answer: You absolute should not use these types of supplements while pregnant. We highly recommend you seek your doctors advice before using any supplement while pregnant.

    Beth Coats, RD LN
    Beth Coats, RD LN
    Staff Writer at DietProbe
    Beth is a registered dietician with over 20 years experience in general nutrition.
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