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By Kath Ross, PhD.

Weight gainer pills are a reasonably new and highly popular supplement for, you guessed it, gaining weight, whether that be body fat or lean muscle mass.

This type of product is ideal for those who have a fast metabolism, are underweight and require assistance reaching a healthy body weight, or are looking for assistance gaining more muscle mass.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to use this type of product, weight gainer pills all work in a very similar way – they are all designed to allow you to eat more; a good weight gain pill will be loaded with research-backed ingredients that are designed to trigger hunger and enhance digestion speeds.

With the weight gain industry being worth billions worldwide, it probably won’t be too surprising to learn that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different weight gain supplements out there to choose from. We know that picking a top weight gainer pill can be difficult, so we’ve rounded up the 5 best weight gain pills on the market right now:

1. Ovrdrive

astral nutrition ovrdrive appetite enhancer product image
We Rated It:

Ovrdrive is a weight gain pill created by Astral Nutrition.

We have placed this product in the #1 position of our list because, without mincing words, this is the most effective pill out there for the purposes of rapid weight gain (whether you’re underweight and looking to gain body fat, or whether you’re a bodybuilder looking for something that can help you pack on lean mass).

Inside Ovrdrive is a potent complex of dietary fibers, digestive enzymes, probiotics, natural hunger-triggers and herbal extracts, all designed to do one thing – help the user gain weight fast. 

As you’d expect with any top rated product, there’s nothing but clinically-proven ingredients inside Ovrdrive – no fillers, no ineffective compounds and no harmful ingredients.

Not only can this product help trigger fast weight gain, it also has a number of different health benefits too. Users of Ovrdrive can expect better gut bacteria levels, improved heart health and an overall improved immune system.

A one-month supply of Ovrdrive is very affordable and it only requires consumers to take two capsules per day, making it very user-friendly. Astral Nutrition also offer all of their customers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to return the product within one month for any reason. 

The bottom line: if you’re genuinely looking for the most effective product out there, we believe that Ovrdrive is your best option. It’s affordable, comes with a money-back guarantee and most importantly, the science says it works.

2. XXL Weight Gainer Pills

XXL Weight Gainer Pills Product Image
We Rated It:

XXL is a weight gain pill produced by a company named GluteBoost.

We have put XXL on our list because it seems to be an ideal product to help users gain body mass (be it muscle or body fat) in a healthy manner. 

GluteBoost themselves officially state that their XXL weight gainer pills “help you put on weight without needing to significantly increase your daily caloric intake or spend hours in the gym lifting weights” – while that may sound a little far-fetched, we did find research to back up their claims. 

Ingredients inside this product have been shown in some studies to help naturally spike hunger levels with sustained daily usage. Other ingredients have been shown to help support normal testosterone levels, which can help contribute towards muscle mass.

Not only does this product help contribute towards weight gain, it also has a multitude of other health benefits, such as supporting healthy gut bacteria, supporting normal macronutrient metabolism and even supporting the user’s energy levels.

It’s always great to see manufacturers offering satisfaction guarantees on their products, which is exactly what GluteBoost offer with their XXL Weight Gainer Pills. After carefully examining their returns policy, if you have had no success gaining weight after using the product for 4 months, they will refund the cost.

The bottom line: this product is safe, natural and offers excellent value for money. The formula contains ingredients that are backed up by scientific studies and we’re sure that with long term usage, this product will help users gain weight.

3. Planet Ayurveda Weight Gain Pill

Planet Ayurveda Weight Gain Formula Product Image
We Rated It:

Planet Ayurveda’s Weight Gain Formula. These pills have found their way onto this roundup list due to the highly effective, all-natural formulation and their ease of usage.

This product contains a unique blend of herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals that are designed to subtly induce hunger with sustained daily usage over a period of 2-4 months. 

After digging through the research, we found that numerous ingredients inside this product do have studies showing they’re effective for the purposes of supporting natural weight gain.

This product also offers great value for money too, with one bottle lasting the average consumer between 1-2 months – for a product that only costs $20, that’s really not bad at all. 

The bottom line: this is a potent formula that contains ingredients that have been shown to be effective for supporting healthy mass gain. What’s more, it’s vegetarian-friendly, poses no health risks as far as we can see and is unlikely to cause any negative side effects.

4. Appitex Weight Gain Pills

Appitex Weight Gain Pills Product Image
We Rated It:

Appitex is a weight gain pill and digestion-enhancer produced by VH Nutrition

This product has been put in position #9 on our list because it offers consumers support gaining lean mass by allowing them to consume more food.

Yes, we’re aware that VH Nutrition’s products have appeared many times on our best rated roundup list, but let us explain – they’re a company who really do specialize in weight gain in particular.

Appitex isn’t actually a “weight gain pill” in the conventional sense (i.e. it doesn’t contain ingredients that directly cause weight gain), but it is designed to help cause hunger by causing your body digest and process food significantly faster. 

By digesting food quicker, the stomach becomes empty at a faster rate than normal, allowing the user to naturally eat more; this is a great product for bodybuilders who are looking for support consuming more calories.

The bottom line: while it may not be as potent as the conventional weight gain pills (it really is more of a digestive aid formula), it definitely is a product to consider if you’re having trouble eating.

5. Ayurleaf Weight Gainer Pills

Ayurleaf Weight Gainer Product Image
We Rated It:

Ayurleaf Weight Gainer is an weight gain pill and gut health formula developed by Ayurleaf Herbals.

This product is featured on our roundup list because it offers consumers great value for money (as it’s essentially a 2-in-1 product) and uses an impressive formula of 7 different herbal extracts and phytochemicals.

After heavily fact-checking the claims made against the ingredients inside the product, we found that this product very likely will make good on its promises of supporting quick weight gain.

These weight gainer pills use a unique and potent blend of Ashwagandha, Gokshuru, Kaucha, Yastimadhum Vidarikand and Safed Musli. We have found studies showing that each of these ingredients can both contribute towards healthy weight gain and gut health – the product can even help support your body’s digestion speed.

The bottom line: while it’s last on the list, that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. We believe that if this product is used over a sustained period of time, it really will help you gain weight.

Weight Gainer Pill FAQ

Below you'll find a list of the most commonly asked questions.

Provided you pick a product that uses proven ingredients, then yes weight gain pills can work very well indeed.

You should be aware that these types of products do need to be used over a period of 2-3 months for best results. You should not expect miracle-like weight gain within the first week of usage; gaining weight takes time and if you’re patient and persistent, weight gain pills really can work wonders.

Ensure you have a good diet that’s tailored for gaining weight

It may seem obvious, but your diet is critical, even while using these products. You should be aiming to consume at least 3000-4000 calories each day, to ensure you’re consuming a caloric surplus.

Gaining weight can be a gradual process while using these supplements – don’t expect instant results

It would be foolish to expect weight gain pills to help you gain significant amounts of mass within just a few weeks – like most things, it will take time. You should slowly start to notice your body weight increase over a period of 8-12 weeks.

This question assumes that the product contains safe ingredients, but when used as directed we have found absolutely no reasons to suggest they are unsafe.

You should always do your due diligence when picking a product designed for weight gain (especially those that come in pills, as they can often contain proprietary blends that don’t fully declare exact ingredient amounts) to ensure it doesn’t contain anything harmful or banned.

Yes. These type of products stack extremely well with Mass Gainer Shakes, and Testosterone Boosters (if you’re a male – don’t use these if you’re a woman).

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