Our Top 3 Best Diet Shakes

The most effective products we've found

Diet shakes are one of the best ways to lose weight, in fact they’re pretty much the most popular weight loss supplement on the market. If you walk into your local health-food superstore you’ll see hundreds of different diet shakes all promising users fast and easy weight loss results – choosing one can get very confusing.

There is no doubt that diet shakes are a user-friendly way to completely recomposition your body but how do you know the product you’re choosing is an effective one?

In order to help you find the best diet shake, we’ve produced this top 3 list below – but we didn’t stop there; We’ve gone in-depth into why we’ve recommended these products to help you gain further understanding about how and why they work:

#1 Best Rated: Burner Shake

burner shake product image

Our Rating: 9/10

  • Uses proven fat burning ingredients
  • Fast thickening formula helps keep you feeling full
  • Contains essential vitamins and nutrients required while dieting

Burner Shake is a weight loss shake produced by Astral Nutrition. It is hands down the best weight loss shake we’ve seen in our time reviewing these types of products. It contains scientifically proven ingredients that contribute to weight loss. As a weight loss shake, it ticks all the boxes for us.  We truly believe that this shake will deliver any user awesome weight loss results.

Why We Love It:

Formula is designed to be filling – when mixed, most diet shakes remain completely watery and don’t provide users any longterm feeling of ‘fullness’. Burner shake is the exception. The formula starts slowing thickening after you mix it which makes it extremely filling and hunger-satisfying.

This product is ultra-low in calories – meaning that keeping your calories low while dieting is a breeze. We found that users can literally just consume three scoops of burner shake per day and remain full and craving-free. All this for only 104 calories per scoop.

Burner Shake genuinely contains ingredients that help burn fat – while the majority of weight loss shakes we see are literally just cleverly branded protein shakes, Burner Shake will actually help you lose weight from the thermogenic ingredients inside that help boost metabolism and energy levels.

Contains all your vitamin and mineral daily requirements – these assist towards keeping you healthy while dieting. It’s easy for your body to start lacking essential vitamins and minerals when you’re eating less food, due to the overall reduction in consumption. Burner Shake pretty much contains the nutrition of a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral inside each scoop.

It will last you a while – Burner Shake will last the average user about 5-6 weeks making it great value for money.

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#2 Best Rated: Forza Shake It Slim

forza shake it slim product image

Our Rating: 8.5/10

  • A safe and healthy method of weight loss
  • High in protein, with over 20 vitamins and minerals
  • Easy to use and comes in individually packaged sachets

Forza Shake it Slim comes in at number 2 on our list. Don’t let its ‘girly’ aesthetic fool you, this is a fantastic product that will deliver stellar weight loss results for both male and female users. It’s not the cheapest product on the market and for good reason – the formula is rammed full of effective, high quality ingredients.

Why We Love It:

Great formula designed for long term hunger suppression – shake it slim contains ingredients that are designed to keep hunger at bay, unlike other diet shakes on the market that can leave you feeling hungry shortly after consumption.

Pack contains three different flavours – this is a unique quality we have not seen many other products offer. Each pack contains flavours strawberry, vanilla and chocolate (although there are other packs that just contain one flavour too). No longer do you have to be bored with only having one flavour!

Totally stimulant-free – Unlike Burner Shake, which is a highly thermogenic weight loss shake, Shake it Slim contains no thermogenic ingredients at all. This products main focus is on hunger suppression, something it does very well. The fact it’s stimulant-free makes it a great supplement to be used at any time of the day.

Easy to travel with – Shake it Slim comes in handy sachets that are easy to carry with you. No longer will you need to keep the whole tub in your bag to ensure you get your three shakes per day.

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#3 Best Rated: PNI Lean Shake

pni lean shake plus Product Image

Our Rating: 8/10

  • Gluten & Lactose Free
  • Contains a mere 127 calories per serving
  • Formula is high in Green Tea content

PNI Lean Shake Plus finds itself in our number three spot, and rightly so. This product is an incredibly priced, well rounded diet whey protein shake with numerous other fat burning benefits. It is a perfect choice for gym-goers and hardcore athletes looking to switch out their existing protein shake for something with a little more bite!

Why We Love It:

Massive protein content per serving – Whether you’re looking for a bonafide weight loss shake or you’re just looking for a lower-calorie protein shake to use during a cutting phase, this product contains a ridiculously impressive 27g of quality protein per scoop – perfect for preserving your precious muscle mass.

Low in calories – each scoop only contains a mere 123 calories, while that’s not the lowest we’ve ever seen that’s definitely an impressive number for a shake that contains so much protein.

Good price-point and guarantee  – price starts at just £27.99 per 907g, with discounts if you purchase larger volumes. PNI have stated that if users are not satisfied with this product they will issue them a full no-questions-asked refund provided you return the product to them.

Contains added fat burning ingredients – formula contains added CLA, L-carnitine and Green Tea Extract.

Completely lactose-free – totally suitable for those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

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More Diet Shake Information:

Diet shakes can be used as stand-alone products or they can be stacked with other supplements like fat burners, appetite suppressants and carb blockers for amplified effect.

Diet shakes can differ exponentially, meaning you’ll rarely find one product that’s the same as another.. In that respect they are kind of like diet pills. Confused? Let us elaborate; A diet shake is only as good as its formula. There are some diet shakes on the market that are amazing and will deliver users great weight loss results (as seen in our top 3 diet shakes list above) and of course there are the bad diet shakes – these contain ineffective/under-dosed/dangerous ingredients.

You’ll probably not be too surprised to learn that the weight loss industry has its fair share of opportunist/scam companies that have popped up just looking to make a quick buck off naive consumers. These companies are very aware new users are easily persuaded by impressive-sounding claims and do everything in their power to make their marketing as attractive as possible.

Do not let yourself be misled – as a consumer it’s important to stay savvy and know the bad from the good diet shakes.

Here at Diet Probe, our team of researchers have looked at a lot of different products over the years. Frankly, we’ve seen some shockingly bad products that were either dangerous, scams or just totally useless.

We really don’t like seeing people get scammed – In fact, we’ve been waging war on fraudulent companies for years now, calling them out whenever and wherever possible (believe us when we say more and more of these companies are entering the market every single week). It’s not all doom and gloom however, through the junk and garbage we occasionally find incredible products.

A great diet shake should:

  • Be low in calories and carbohydrates
  • Be high in protein
  • Have a filling formula (to prevent users from becoming hungry again shortly after consuming the shake)
  • Be rich in vitamins and minerals (to replace what is lost when eating less food)
  • Contain safe and effective active-ingredients that work to burn fat

We understand that losing weight is a seriously important issue and you’re right to be looking for a solution. Whether you’re just looking to trim down or totally transform your body, the journey to a healthier lifestyle is shorter than you think. To help you stay safe in the world of supplements and to help you get the very best weight loss results, it is our great pleasure to present this ultimate top 3 diet shake list.

Every product on here has passed our review test to gain an approved status. We’re happy to recommend these products to our readers. If you’re looking for an effective diet shake that actually works, any product on this list is a good choice.

Have any questions? Check out our “Losing Weight Fast With Diet Shakes” guide.

  • John Jo Gill

    Super fast delivery well packed in a plain box, this was my first order (25th Nov) of Burner Shake after doing my homework reading reviews of how this product is made up. I mixed as directed on the bag tase of the strawberry was not overpowering very palatable. After only 8 days I can honestly it does everything in they say in the reviews I will be reordering after Christmas. The Astral Nutrition team were excellent communicators very helpful and honest, it was an absolute pleasure dealing with caring professionals.

    • Glad you liked our recommendation, John.

      • John Jo Gill

        Thanks to your reviews the information and score helped me with the decision to place an order with Astral Nutrition, like I said very impressed with the service and communication and the strawberry flavour is brilliant.