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Bootea Shake Review

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Bootea Shake Review

With meal replacement shakes fast becoming the hottest weight-loss trend in the industry, one popular product has caught the attention of many fat fighters, the Bootea Shake.  Claiming to effectively stop cravings and help your body to “shake it off” (The fat, we presume) the Bootea shake seems to be hitting all the right notes to potential customers.  So is it all it’s cracked up to be? We took a look in our Bootea Shake review.

Let’s take a look at the top level pros and cons of this product:

Bootea Shake Benefits:

  • Reasonably low in calories per serving
  • Some ingredients inside will boost your energy levels
  • Lots of protein – good for building muscle 
Bootea Shake Drawbacks:

  • One tub of shake is very expensive and doesn’t even contain 1kg of product
  • This shake is essentially just a cleverly branded protein shake. This is not a weight loss shake
  • Completely ineffective for weight loss – no ingredients inside will be able to burn fat or boost metabolism
  • Formula doesn’t contain any appetite suppressing ingredients – you may feel rather hungry soon after consuming the shake
  • Stimulant content makes this product unsuitable to be used in evenings or at nighttime as it may cause insomnia
  • Some potent negative side effects associated with some of the ingredients used in this product
  • Customers have reported getting poor customer service
  • Some concerns the Bootea Shake’s flavour and texture isn’t up to par with other brands
  • No money-back guarantee for anyone dissatisfied with the product

Bootea shake review

Not Recommended

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Some Quick Information On This Product & Company

When starting our Bootea Shake review, the first thing we noticed was how attractive the design of this product was;  Bootea must have parted with a few pretty pennies to get this beauty made.  The bottle is subtle and understated, yet still attention grabbing.  The colour scheme is very easy on the eyes and doesn’t try to blind you with over the top blends, and the front label is refreshingly free of clutter and unnecessary text.  The Bootea website follows the same example, nice and simple, in no way overbearing or off-putting.  In fact, the product & website designs are so good, that you run the risk of not noticing that absolutely nothing of substance is presented to you on either.  Taking a closer look, the bottle label says very little about what the product actually is or the specifics of what it does.  All it presents are a couple of cute slogans such as, “Your body deserves a quick shake”, and, “shake it off, naturally”. Nowhere on the label can the words “Meal replacement shake” be found, in fact the closest we get to that is “food supplement” which is very vague and can mean many different things.  On the official website we see a similar story.  In fact, when conducting our Bootea Shake review, we found it hard to figure out what exactly the product even was designed to do – the product description is incredibly bare and uninformative.  All it says is how many calories it contains and the different flavours the product comes in.  Nowhere on the product page can any substantial scientific information be found, or any information at all regarding how the shake helps you lose weight.  Usually we’d expect at least a sentence or two of corporate jargon and spin to try and sell it to buyers, but we don’t even get that!  If we had no experience or knowledge of the health & fitness world and stumbled onto the Bootea website, we’re not sure we’d even understand what the Bootea Shake was.

This is an important point because this industry is blighted by smoke and mirrors, or rather, companies making their products look as attractive as possible to cover up their ineffectiveness.  The lack of any scientific information regarding how the Bootea Shake’s ingredients help you lose weight and burn fat is very telling.  This is probably because there isn’t any science behind it. Bootea are clearly banking on the assumption that customers won’t look beneath the surface for more information and will simply buy it at face value because it looks impressive.  Also, the claims of it being extremely low in calories and high in protein trigger mental buttons in people’s brains, making them more likely to believe it as they’ve heard those terms before so many times when it comes to health and losing weight.  Of course, no fat loss product would be complete without it boasting it contains green tea extract.  How unique!  If it has green tea inside that means it MUST be good!  The overall point here is upon first impressions, Bootea are already in some way deliberately misleading potential customers by providing a minimal amount of information; and with weight-loss products, it should all be about credible information backed up by science.

Is Bootea Shake A Good Product To Help Me Lose Weight?

As with most of these meal replacement milkshakes , your success in weight loss depends on more than just drinking the shake.  Many other factors contribute to your shrinking waistline, mainly your drive, motivation and perseverance.  Customers who want to slim down for their big holiday but think they can achieve that by only drinking the Bootea shake every day will most likely be insanely disappointed.  Why?  Because it’s not that easy.  The whole purpose of consuming a meal replacement drink is exactly that, you’re replacing your regular meals with a drink.  You’re changing a lifelong habit overnight in a drastic way.  It’s no surprise that many people fail terribly at doing this.  If you don’t have the drive and perseverance to ignore your body’s cries for help during the rather long adjustment period, you’ll barely get started with the Bootea Shake.  Of course while switching to a liquid diet can be challenging enough in itself, the biggest problem with the Bootea Shake is it does nothing to quell hunger pains.  To put it simply, the Bootea Shake doesn’t fill you up, and you’ll spend your entire day holding your stomach in anguish.  On top of that, you’ll experience immense sugar and carbohydrate cravings, as your body is being deprived of those things suddenly and unexpectedly.  It’s very common for people on this sort of regiment to cave in quite dramatically within just a few days and raid their biscuit tin or their local kebab shop, putting on even more weight in the process.  No amount of green tea extract will combat that.

Speaking of the ingredient make-up of the shake, we can’t see anything special or particularly unique about it.  What we have here is a bog-standard protein shake that tries to masquerade as some sort of special fat melting drink.  This is possibly why Bootea didn’t include any backup information, especially anything remotely scientific or anything backed up by dietary experts, because quite frankly there’s nothing to really say.  Customers build up an unrealistic image in their own minds about the effectiveness of the Bootea Shake, thinking it’s a one stop solution to losing weight, whereas a lot more work needs to be done to compliment the shake, namely exercise and an additional way to stop hunger cravings.  The Bootea Shake alone makes the user feel like they’re trying to run in a swimming pool, it’s unnecessarily difficult to make sufficient progress.

Alongside this, the product is overpriced.  At £32 per bottle, it’s simply a waste of money.  A you consider protein shakes are sold way cheaper in high-street supermarkets that more or less have the exact same effects as the Bootea Shake, the Bootea price becomes ever more insulting.  There are also reports online from disgruntled customers who claim Bootea’s customer service is extremely poor and unresponsive.  If you buy the shake, use it, and decide it provides no benefit to you and wish to return it, you’ll more than likely be faced with a wall of silence.  The weight-loss community deserves to be treated better by influential companies, as we all should share the same goal; to help people get healthier.  However, judging by some online reports, Bootea have a chequered record in regards to this.   

What Are The Bootea Shake Ingredients?

We have found the following nutritional information from the Bootea website:

Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk), Low Fat Cocoa Powder (Chocolate Flavour Only), Natural Flavouring, Thickener (Xantham Gum), Fructo-Oligosaccharides (Vanilla & Banana Only), Natural Sweetener (Stevia), Green Tea Extract, Emulsifier ((Soy Lecithin)

For allergens – see ingredients in bold.

As we stated earlier, this product does not contain ANY ingredients that will cause or contribute towards weight loss, fat burning or metabolism boosting.

What Are The Bootea Shake Side Effects?

It won’t surprise you to hear that there are some unpleasant side effects in taking the Bootea Shake.  The most prominent, according to reviews from customers, is stomach pains.  This isn’t out of the ordinary for “meal replacement” products, as your stomach needs time to adjust to the lack of food it’s being given.  This can of course be unpleasant, and act as a strong repellent for sticking to the diet.  Another problem, also backed up by customer reviews, is diarrhoea.  There are claims in other Bootea Shake reviews that the product acts like nothing more than a glorified laxative, sending poor users to the porcelain throne several times a day to empty their watery bowels.  Not fun, but unfortunately something to be expected when your entire internal body constitution changes in such a short period of time.  This wouldn’t be as much of a problem if the shake contained more substantial ingredients, but because there’s essentially nothing in them in order to keep the calorie count low, these things will happen.

Our Bootea Shake review team have compiled the following list of potential Bootea Shake side effects:

Increased bowel movements, nausea, thirst, bloating, cramps, tiredness (fatigue), and headache. [1]

Headache, nervousness, sleep problems, vomiting, diarrhoea, irritability, irregular heartbeat, tremor, heartburn, dizziness, ringing in the ears, convulsions, and confusion. [2]

Note: side effects are possible but may not be typical.

What does Bootea Shake claim to do?

Nothing. Bootea literally make zero claims on their shake. Our Bootea Shake review team have stated that Bootea heavily imply that the product is a weight loss shake in their marketing efforts, but on paper there’s no claims or promise of weight loss results.

Are There Any Bootea Shake Reviews From Customers?

We have found the following Bootea Shake review testimonials left by customers on various internet forums and chatrooms:

This has a really synthetic and nauseating taste to the point where I was gagging. The premise is great but the result isn’t. I don’t see it working either as it’s so unpleasant to the palate I am not sure anyone could stick with it for long enough for it to facilitate the results it promises.

My friend made us both one of these shakes using almond milk. I can’t state enough how absolutely disgusting it is! I couldn’t finish mine but still have pains in my stomach. My friend also thought it was disgusting and felt sick.

There are a proposed 30 servings in this large see through container, I hope so as the ingredients only filled up to the top of the label so only ¾’s full which is a bit of a cheek considering the price! I followed the instructions of one scoop and used water. After a good shake in a sealed shaker beaker I drank the semi thick liquid. It smells quite chocolatey and there were small lumps floating on the top. The liquid has a hint of aniseed or maybe liquorice and after three swallows I had to stop. The flavour left a strange taste on my tongue and if I had to drink it I would but certainly not through choice. In a strange way maybe you lose weight because the flavour puts you off food.

Where Can I Buy This Product?

You can buy this product from the Bootea official website, as well as various other online retailers. The product may be available in certain health stores too.

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Our Conclusion.

To conclude our Bootea Shake review, we feel that the Bootea Shake is light on real information and light on weight-loss results.  The ingredients used are bog-standard and are used in almost every other shake on the market, even in those that are half the price.  The implied effect of the shake helping you to lose weight in a healthy easy way or incredibly far off the mark, as it’s more likely the user will in fact put on weight through secret snacking due to being hungry all the time.  The side effects are very demotivating and can risk screwing your whole diet up.  On top of all that it seems Bootea aren’t concerned with genuine customer concerns, as their customer service has been reported negatively.  We’d suggest staying clear and going for a more trustworthy product from a more reliable company.   

If you’re looking for a great weight loss shake, we recommend you check out our best rated product, Burner Shake.

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