The battle to shift weight is a long one and determination is vital. For some people, they look to the overall gains and monitor their weight throughout the process. However, it might be that you’re looking to target your weight loss to specific areas of your body and this means changing your tact.
flat stomach

Want a flatter stomach? 

One area that gains particular focus from a lot of people is the stomach, and the belly is probably the first area that we all want to lose weight from, and is also usually the last area to hold on to it. This can sometimes be frustrating and progress can seem slow.

If you are struggling to get rid of that fat around your stomach, and beginning to get frustrated with your progress, we might be able to help. Do you want to know how to lose belly fat, and how to lose belly fat fast?

To help you on your way to removing that stomach we set about to find the best techniques to do so. So whether you’re just beginning your quest, or already in it, follow some of our pointers as they will soon aid you in your journey to a smaller waistline.


1. Lower your consumption of sugar

When you are trying to lose belly fat one of your biggest enemies is sugar. We know that some sugar is required for your body and helps fuel your workouts, but too much of the sweet stuff will result in your body producing fat. Sweet snacks like chocolate bars and sugar-laden breakfasts like granola should be avoided. Instead, choose fruit to give your body natural sugars, and natural products should always be favoured over processed produce.

2. Up your water intake

Because you’re cutting down your sugar intake, it’s also essential to stay away from sugary drinks too. Drinks like orange juice can be absolutely packed full of sugar so you need to be wary about what you’re consuming. This is why you need to make more effort to keep hydrated with water. Keeping hydrated with water will help make sure you don’t get tempted to go for that brightly colored bottle of orange fizz.

3. Get more protein in your diet

Protein is your ally for many reasons, firstly, it will keep you fuller for longer, and that is really important. Secondly, protein increases your metabolic rate and this helps you retain muscle mass. With this in mind, try getting a good serving of protein in all of your daily meals. You will soon feel the benefits around your midriff when you are fuller for longer and your body will also produce muscle much more efficiently when you exercise.

4. Check those carbs

Like sugar, carbs should be approached with caution. Even when looking to just reduce your overall body weight, you will be reducing the amount of carbs that you consume. So when aiming to shrink that belly, cutting carbs is essential too. Refined carbs in particular need to be reduced.

5. Eat your grains

Whilst cutting refined carbs out, it is essential to signify the role that grains can play. Whole grains are excellent at filling you up and will keep that feeling of hunger at bay for longer. Kick starting your day with oats is a great idea and having a bowl of porridge is as tasty as it is good for you. If you’re stuck for time then rye bread is another way to get those vital whole grains in you.

6. Start your day earlier

Now this might not be a popular idea with those late starters amongst you, but getting up early can really help to lose stomach fat. Some studies have shown that late risers are more likely to consume more calories, which certainly won’t help your stomach bulge to reduce. Also, early morning workout routines before you eat breakfast can attack the fat deposits in your body more efficiently.


7. Rest your way to a flatter stomach

Whilst we’ve mentioned the possible pluses of getting up early, it’s also worth noting that you need to give yourself plenty of rest. If you are not properly rested there is the increased chance of you reaching for those snacks if you’re running low on energy.

8. Stay way from the trans fats

Its unlikely that you will ever want to be including trans fats in your diet and even more so when you are trying to reduce your stomach fat. Some processed and packaged foods contain trans-fat so keeping an eye on what you’re buying by checking labels. Trans-fats have been attributed to many negative health impacts and are also counter-productive to your fat loss regime.

9. Reach for the nuts

Full of the right fats, nuts are great at giving your body what it needs when you’re trying to reduce your belly fat. Nuts are high in monounsaturated fats and are less likely to cause you stomach expansion when compared to the consumption to saturated fats.

10. Enjoy some calcium

Research has shown that calcium can be great for reducing your stomach fat. When upping calcium intake it can help the body reduce its body fat intake. You don’t need to just rely on milk either. Look at getting some leafy greens, seeds, watercress, or sardines in your diet.

11. Add some acid to your diet

Adding more acid your diet can benefit your health and diet. Products like apple cider vinegar have a wealth of health benefits. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which has been shown to reduce the storage of abdominal fat. You can also consume other types of vinegar as they increase our metabolism. If you don’t feel like chugging your vinegar by the pint full then just make your own dressings to spread over a fresh salad.

12. Vegetables for the win

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that if you want to lose your belly fast then vegetables will definitely need to play a part, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop harping on about their importance either. By snacking on a range of vegetables not only does that stave off hunger, it can also help obliterate your stomach fat too. Even better, select non-starchy vegetables like cucumber and cauliflower.

13. Fibre is your friend

Specifically, soluble fiber. This type of fiber makes a gel with the food in your digestive tract, which slows it down as it passes through you. This helps you feel fuller for longer and will prevent you from over eating. High-fiber foods include flaxseeds, legumes, blackberries and avocados. So try and get as many of these items into your diet as possible.

14. Keep up the cardio

Exercise is advisable whatever your condition and it’s obviously essential to you when finding the best way to lose belly fat. Add some cardio to your daily routine and you will soon see less of the bulge around your belly. High intensity training can also be beneficial and is ideal for those looking to blitz through their workout in the shortest time possible.


15. Stop drinking alcohol

A nice pint of chilled beer or a succulent glass of sauvignon blanc can provide a great end to the working week. The problem with your casual drinks is that bad habits can slip in and before you know it, you’re on your third pint of waist-expanding ale. This makes difficult reading for you then, but we advise to severely limiting the amount of alcohol you drink. We promise you’ll thank us when your stomach size shrinks.

16. Target your exercise

All exercise is great but you need to target your stomach specifically to get rid of that stomach fat. Lots of cardio is good and exercises like long distance running are hugely beneficial. You can also reach for the weights too as resistance training is great for reducing belly fat.

In summary

These extremely useful pointers provide some excellent pointers to getting that fat around your stomach gone. We wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing about your results in the near future and seeing you show us that you’re losing belly fat productively.

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