Losing Weight Fast With Appetite Suppressants

Conquer your hunger cravings and quickly drop the pounds

Appetite suppressant pills, also known as hunger suppressants, are a whole new approach to losing weight that are unlike other weight loss products on the market. Appetite suppressants can come OTC (over the counter) or they can be prescribed as an anorectic drug by a doctor if you’re deemed to be a suitable candidate. While the medical appetite suppressants are certainly effective, we’ll be focusing on the OTC appetite suppressant pills in this article. OTC appetite suppressants are safe and literally anybody can use them.

The majority of people aren’t even aware that fully dedicated appetite suppressants exist; They are often confused with fat burner pills, when in fact the two products are actually worlds apart. Appetite suppressants are a very new type of product to the weight loss market partly due to recent advancements in nutraceuticals.

Where as other weight loss products such as fat burners (and to a lesser extent weight loss shakes) are stimulant-based and work by boosting your metabolic rates, appetite suppressants are stimulant-free and are designed to completely remove your desires to consume food. This means that you lose weight from less caloric-intake, rather than an increased rate of calorie-burning from a boosted metabolism.

In this article we’re going to be running you through why appetite suppressant products are one of the most effective ways to quickly shed body fat!

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How Appetite Suppressants can help transform your body

There is really nothing worse than putting yourself onto a strict diet that leaves you constantly battling your appetite. We’d all agree that feeling hungry is by far one of the worst sensations! You can ask anyone who’s failed a diet why it happened and the majority of the time their answer is something along the lines of “I couldn’t stick to it because I felt hungry all the time“.

Ask yourself the question “if I wasn’t hungry, would I still eat?” – if your answer was no, then appetite suppressant pills might just be the god-send you’ve been looking for to finally see tangible weight loss results. If your answer was yes, then you may have a food addiction (more on that later). As we’ve already established, having an insatiable appetite is one of the main reasons a diet flops.

You may not have known that it’s actually your lifestyle and choice of food that’s creating your uncontrollable appetite – you were not born with it and you can definitely get rid of it. People who describe themselves as having particularly high appetite levels usually share one thing in common – they eat a huge amount of carbohydrates, particularly ’empty-carbs’ and sugars. Once your body gets used to burning carbohydrates for energy it becomes reliant on them, as a result you start to crave them regularly and before you know it you’re binge eating again. This binge eating also leads to another kind of addiction.. a mental addiction to the physical act of eating. With all this said it’s very easy to see how you can get stuck in a rut and end up on a downward spiral with your body weight just ballooning to new highs every month.

Here is where Appetite suppressant pills prove to be invaluable; In situations like the above, Appetite Suppressants are your superhero – your Dark Knight! Let’s be real here, you’re still going to need willpower, but the appetite suppressants will help you break your food addiction and allow you to significantly reduce the amount of calories you’re consuming on the daily basis without feeling the wrath of your appetite!

- Our Top 3 Recommended Appetite Suppressants

We know that nobody has time to research which diet shakes actually work, so we’ve done that hard work for you. We’re narrowed it down to three awesome products that really will deliver the results!

Why Appetite Suppressants work so well:

Now you know why they’re great, let’s explain exactly how they work. Modern appetite suppressants use expansive plant fibres to induce a feeling of ‘fullness’ within their users. Essentially what appetite suppressants are going to do is make you feel full shortly after consuming them – replicating the feeling you get after you’ve just eaten a meal (minus the nutrients of course).

When you take your appetite suppressant pill you’ll be directed to consume it with a large amount of water, this is because when expansive plant fibres come in contact with liquid, they significantly expand and thicken – this is what tricks your body into thinking you’ve got a stomach full of food, when really you’ve got a stomach full of harmless plant fibre!

The plant fibre is virtually calorie-free, is completely natural and will be broken down in the exact same manner as food; This means that you can expect the appetite suppression effect to last for up to 4-5 hours.

When you first start using appetite suppressants the effects may not seem to last very long at all, but the beauty of these products is that the longer you use them for the more effective they become! You may or may not know that as you reduce your food intake your stomach naturally starts to shrink. The longer you use these products for, the less food you’ll be consuming overall. In this time your body will slowly adjust and you’ll feel less inclined to overeat as your stomach shrinks and you break your mental addiction to the physical act of eating.

Fixing your diet is important too – don’t return to bad eating habits.

As we stated previously, it’s the carbohydrates that are causing your increased appetite. When you eat carbohydrates your body quickly breaks them down into glucose and insulin which is used as the primary source of energy. To give yourself the best chance of success while you’re using the appetite suppressants the best thing you can do is to drop all those carbohydrates from your weekly meal schedule, changing them for more protein-focused meals. Moving over to a low-carb diet will make losing body fat significantly easier as you’ll induce ketosis (a process where the body burns your fat reserves for energy, rather than using carbohydrates).

If sticking to a low-carb diet is a difficult task for you, you may wish to use a fat burning meal replacement shake along side your appetite suppressant for best results.

PSA – Be wary of manufacturers claiming their product is an appetite suppressant when it is not!

We’ve seen this time and time again; fraudulent supplement manufacturers are cashing in on folks shopping for an appetite suppressant product by claiming that their fat burner pill is also an appetite suppressant. Let’s not mince words here – no fat burner has appetite suppressing qualities. If you want a product that actually will remove your hunger cravings completely, you’ll need a bonafide appetite suppressant product and not a fake. We implore you to stick to the best rated appetite suppressant products in our top 3 list.

Combine with fat burners and diet shakes for faster results

The best part of appetite suppressant pills is just how ‘stackable’ they are. While they can certainly deliver you incredible results single-handedly, should you wish to, you can combine them with fat burners and diet shakes to get enhanced results. As we mentioned earlier in the article, appetite suppressants won’t boost your metabolism therefore you can use them with a fat burner pill which will boost your metabolism – the synergy between the two genres of products will deliver better results than using each type of product individually. We also recommend you use appetite suppressants and fat burners with a great diet shake. Diet shakes are an easy way to completely overhaul your diet and daily calorie intake.

In conclusion, appetite suppressants are a great way to force your body to naturally want to eat less; they’re almost like a meal in a pill.. except they don’t have any nutritional value! Another great thing about them is that the longer you use them for the more effective they become, meaning they can be part of a long-term weight loss strategy should you wish to maintain using them over a sustained period.

As we mentioned earlier, you must be vigilant when selecting an appetite suppressant just to ensure what you’re purchasing actually is an appetite suppressant! To avoid being conned, we recommend our readers to stick to our top 3 appetite suppressant list.

Appetite Suppressant Frequently Asked Questions:

We’re sure you have lots of questions on the specifics about appetite suppressants so we’ve put together this handy list of frequently asked questions.

Q. Are Appetite Suppressant Pills Safe?

Answer: The vast majority of appetite suppressants are very safe when you use them as directed. While we cannot fully comment on the medically-prescribed appetite suppressant drugs, we can state that the OTC appetite suppressants are typically safe for otherwise healthy adults. As always there are exceptions – You should not use appetite suppressants if you’re breastfeeding. Children should use them. People with abnormalities to the oesophagus or gut should not use them. Ensure you consume appetite suppressant pills with adequate water to avoid the pills getting stuck in your throat.

Note: As we cannot fully guarantee the safety of every single appetite suppressant on the market we would highly advise you stick to the top 3 products on our best rated appetite suppressants list, as we have fully audited these products and approved them as both safe and effective.

Q. Can Appetite Suppressants Cause Depression

Answer: We have not found any concrete evidence to suggest that OTC appetite suppressants cause or contribute towards depression. We are unable to comment on the effects of prescribed appetite suppressing medications.

Q. Do Appetite Suppressants Slow Your Metabolism

Answer: Appetite Suppressants certainly will not slow down your metabolism, but they will not boost it either. Their job is to cause weight loss by stop hunger cravings, thus causing you to consume less calories.

Q. What Are The Appetite Suppressant Pill Side Effects?

Answer: Below we have compiled a list of the potential side effects you may encounter if you were to use appetite suppressants. It should be noted that these side effects are rare.

  • diarrhea
  • flatulence
  • bloating