Losing Weight Fast With Diet Shakes

Shaking the weight off may be easier than you think

Diet Shakes, also known as weight loss shakes and meal replacement shakes, are one of the supplement industry’s most popular weight loss products. Diet Shakes are what we like to call ‘multi-action products’ (at least that’s what we call the good ones); They allow users to do multiple things that are highly beneficial for rapidly losing weight.

good diet shake will allow you to put yourself on a highly effective fat burning diet while totally eliminating the need to carefully prepare your daily meals and rigorously monitor your calorie-intake. Diet shakes will also provide your body with vital nutrients and will allow you to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite – it is this combination that makes them such an effective and desirable product for weight loss.

In this article we’re going to be explaining exactly how swapping out your daily meals with nutritious shakes has the potential to strip you of your body fat and completely transform your body.

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How Diet Shakes can help transform your body

Food. Food is great.. especially snack food! Snack food is amazing.. Especially a couple of hours before bed when you’re binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix! Before you know it, you’ve raided half the fridge and pretty much eaten everything in sight. Rinse and repeat every single night.

Does that sound like an all-too-familiar scenario? Well, you’ve fallen victim to negative eating patterns and are probably ‘addicted’ to food (yes, it’s a real medical thing). Overcoming these negative eating patterns and food addictions is extremely difficult for most people; When you put yourself on a diet you’re committing to totally overhauling your lifestyle and relationship with food in general.

Have you ever wondered why that diet you keep putting yourself on just never seems to work out in the long run? It’s because the eating-style of that diet doesn’t match the convenience required for your particular lifestyle. Think about it, when it comes to sticking to a healthy diet a lot more time is required for planning and preparation – you need to spend a bunch of time picking out healthy options, ensuring you’re using the exact measurements, counting calories etc. whereas before, you’d just eat whatever you wanted because ultimately it was quicker and more convenient; Eating healthy is inconvenient! As bad as it is to say, our modern 21st century lifestyles just don’t really lend themselves to a healthy balanced diet anymore.

Most dieters can handle the fact that their food doesn’t taste as nice, it’s the inconvenience factor that usually breaks the diet. It is not uncommon for people on a diet to feel like it’s a constant up-hill struggle, but thankfully modern innovations within the weight loss industry have solved this problem.

- Our Top 3 Recommended Weight Loss Shakes

We know that nobody has time to research which diet shakes actually work, so we’ve done that hard work for you. We’re narrowed it down to three awesome products that really will deliver the results!

Why Diet Shakes work so well:

Possibly the best part about diet shakes is that they remove the ‘inconvenience factor’ out of going onto a very low calorie diet – the same inconvenience factor that typically leads to your diet failing miserably! What we mean by this is pretty simple; You no longer need to spend hours and hours of your day planning your meals, finding new recipes, shopping for healthy ingredients to use.. your life is now as easy as mixing up a tasty shake for every meal – a couple of scoops into your shaker cup with some water and you’re good to go! That means for breakfast, lunch, dinner and your afternoon snack you’re having a shake (you will not be eating anything in-between those shakes).

So you’re now probably thinking that a shake diet doesn’t sound that fun.. Well it’s not really that fun – but it works and it’s easy to stick to, that’s the most important part here. Losing weight is all about compromises; A shake diet is a very easy means to transform your body and quickly dropping the weight, and the best part is you can still treat yourself as well! As long as you rigorously stick to your diet you can take one ‘cheat day’ per week where you allow yourself some of the food or drink that you deny yourself the other six days of the week.

But wait, there’s more – they contain fat burning ingredients!

The fact that diet shakes solve the biggest issue that causes diets to fail (convenience, or lack of) is just one of the reasons why they’re one of the most effective weight loss products on the market. The additional ingredients inside these types of products are also what make them so effective.

As we mentioned in our “losing weight with weight loss pills” guide, another large hurdle dieters face is a slow metabolism. Science says that as we age our metabolism begins to slow down, this means that our bodies start to burn less and less calories on a daily basis (this also means that as we age we need to consume less and less food). As time goes on it gets harder and harder to maintain a healthy, lean physique as we become evermore fatigued and lethargic!

Thankfully the manufacturers of good diet shakes have solved this problem as well; Not only are diet shakes low in calories, full of nutrients and easy to stick to, they’re also packed full of powerful metabolism-boosting ingredients designed to jump start your body’s natural processes allowing you to burn more calories quicker from just being alive! These same metabolism-boosting ingredients also boost energy levels and help to reduce the fatigue and sluggishness that often come with a very low calorie diet (VLCD).

But wait, there’s more – they contain appetite suppressing ingredients!

As if the above wasn’t enough, there’s one final thing that makes good diet shakes so effective and that is their appetite suppressing qualities. Advancements in modern nutraceuticals have developed ingredients known as “appetite suppressing expansive fibres” that are actually backed by genuine scientific research. Without getting all ‘science-y’, these ingredients essentially remove the nasty hunger pangs and food cravings from your low calorie diet. This means that not only are you boosting your metabolism, boosting your energy levels and drastically lowering your daily calorie-intake, but you’re also removing another negative aspect of dieting.. those constant nagging cravings!

When you go on a shake diet, as long as you select a good diet shake product, you should never really feel that hungry at all. What other dieting method can you genuinely say that about?

Remember, not all diet shakes are created equal.

It’s important to remember that the performance of a diet shake is entirely based on it’s formula and ingredients. Sadly, there are lots of frankly awful diet shakes on the market; We recommend that our readers stick to the products in our top 3 list.

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Scaleable weight loss results - lose it as fast as you want

Whether you’re just looking to slowly bring your weight down or are looking to make a rapid weight loss transformation, diet shakes will allow you to pretty much decide how fast you reach your goal.

You can replace every single meal with the shakes if you’re looking for the fastest possible results, or you can just swap lunch or dinner for a shake and eat healthy for the other meals – it’s all down to your own personal preference and how well you know your own body and willpower levels. While we personally suggest you replace all of your meals, how quickly you shake off the body fat is pretty much up to you!

The more meals you replace = the faster weight loss you’re going to see.

In conclusion, when it comes to diet shakes there is no easier or more cost-effective way to significantly reduce your daily calorie intake. Weight loss shakes have so many positive attributes that make them so user friendly that, as long as you have willpower, it’s almost hard not to lose weight while using them as directed. As mentioned earlier, we recommend our readers to stick to our top 3 weight loss shake list.

Diet Shake Frequently Asked Questions:

You’ll no-doubt have lots of questions in regards to using weight loss shakes, how to get the best results etc. so we’ve put together this in-depth list of frequently asked questions!

Q. Are Weight Loss Shakes Safe?

Answer: The safety of a weight loss shake depends entirely on the contents/ingredients inside it. We have seen some products contain some outright dangerous ingredients, on the contrast we’ve seen great products. The easiest way to remain safe would be to select a product in our top 3 list as we have personally verified that every weight loss shake on that list is 100% safe.

Q. What Are The Diet Shake Side Effects?

Answer: Well formulated and produced weight loss shakes should pretty much be side effect free. The beauty of these types of products is they’re generally produced with all natural ingredients, which makes them some of the safest products to consume.

Of course the weight loss shakes have effects, but side effects (i.e. negative effects) are usually pretty minimal – the average user will not experience any negative side effect. Below is a list of all the potential effects that could happen in the most extreme cases.

  • Upset stomach and stomach aches from the protein powder inside the shakes
  • Jitters and restlessness from the metabolism-boosting ingredients
  • An increase in bowel movements from the added fibre
  • Temporary bloating from the expansive thickening ingredients such as Konjac.

Q. Will Weight Loss Shakes Work Without Exercise?

Answer: While we would recommend that you lead an active lifestyle while using weight loss shakes, it’s not a deal breaker. If for whatever reason you will not be actively exercising whilst using weight loss shakes, you can still get great weight loss results using these products. For the weight loss shakes to be effective, the most important thing to do is ensure you’re not exceeding your daily caloric maintenance number, or in simpler terms, make sure you’re not overeating.

While dieting you should be consuming 500-600 calories less than your daily caloric maintenance (easy if you follow the shake directions). Find out what your required daily calorie number is using the Healthy Weight Calculator. No shake will be able to counter a poor diet. If you make sure your diet is in check you’ll have no problems losing weight using weight loss shakes without exercise.

Q. Can I Take Other Weight Loss Products With Diet Shakes?

Answer: You absolutely can use other weight loss products while using weight loss shakes. While we don’t recommend you use multiple shake products at once, we do recommend you make a “supplement stack”. A supplement stack is when you combine multiple weight loss products together so they work synergistically together to produce even better weight loss results.