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Skinny Coffee Club 28 Night Program Review

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Skinny Coffee Club 28 Night Program Review

Skinny Coffee Club have done it again – they’ve pumped out another product that’ll literally do nothing, and they’re charging top dollar for it! Ok, we’re not going into full ‘attack-mode’ for this review (after we murdered them on the last review), but we are going to be explaining the science behind this product and why users shouldn’t really expect much from it.

Let’s take a look at the top level pros and cons of this product:

SkinnyCoffeeClub 28 Night Weight Loss Program Benefits:

  • None.
SkinnyCoffeeClub 28 Night Weight Loss Program Drawbacks:

  • Doesn’t contain any ingredients that directly and independently cause fat loss
  • Snake-oil formulation
  • SkinnyCoffeeClub quote a bunch of weight loss statistic without citing their sources
  • Can cause insomnia among other side effects
  • Company has a reputation of making false claims (have been warned by the Advertising Standards Agency in the past)
  • No money-back guarantee

SkinnyCoffeeClub 28 Night Program Review Not Recommended

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Some Quick Information On This Product & Company

Much like its teatox counterparts, Skinny Coffee Club have pumped out a “night time” version of their seemingly popular Skinny Weight Loss Coffee. The product is essentially just a decaffeinated coffee with three extra ingredients thrown in for good measure. Users are lead to believe that using the product before bed can aid in fat burning – the brand state on their website that 93% of customers were visibly skinnier within 7 days.

One pouch of the 28 Night Program coffee costs £24.95. Potential customers are encouraged to stack this product with the day time Skinny Coffee.

Does Skinny Coffee Club 28 Night Program Work?

If you read our review on the original “day time” skinny coffee club product, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise when we tell you that this product is just as ineffective. Once again, SkinnyCoffeeClub have managed to peddle a standard decaf coffee with Fennel, Spirulina and Chlorella as some form of miracle fat burning drink.

For complete clarity, there isn’t a single ingredient inside the Skinny Coffee Club 28 Night Program that will directly and independently cause fat loss. Users of this product should expect absolutely nothing; any weight lost using this product will be entirely coincidental.

On a more positive note, there are some studies that show Fennel, Spirulina and Chlorella may have general health benefits, but there other studies showing they’re ineffective for the purposes of weight loss.

What Are The Skinny Coffee Club 28 Night Program Ingredients?

We have found the following nutritional information from the Skinny Coffee Club FAQ section:

One Serving Contains: Decaffeinated Ground Coffee, Fennel, Spirulina and Chlorella.

This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

What Are The Skinny Coffee Club 28 Night Program Side Effects?

We have compiled the following list of ingredients

Insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, stomach irritation, nausea and vomiting, increased heart rate and respiration. [1]

Some people can have allergic skin reactions to fennel. [2]

Please note that these side effects are a possibility. They may not be the typical user experience.

What Are The Claims On Skinny Coffee Club 28 Night Program?

We have found Skinny Coffee Club making the following claims about their Night Time Weight Loss Coffee:

  1. Decaffeinated for a perfect sleep – False
  2. 94% woke up feeling slimmer each day – Unsubstantiated 
  3. 93% Seen visible results in one week – Unsubstantiated 
  4. 97% experienced improved digestion – Unsubstantiated 
  5. Burn fat fast while you sleep (claim found on Amazon listing) – False
  6. Improves digestion (claim found on Amazon listing– False

In regards to claim one, we have deemed this is false and misleading. Insomnia is still very possible with this product. While Skinny Coffee Club claim the product is decaffeinated, this doesn’t mean the product is 100% caffeine-free. The process of decaffeination still leaves caffeine inside the coffee beans (source: WebMD).

We have found claims 2-4 to be completely unsubstantiated. Skinny Coffee Club do not cite the sample size, nor do they explain exactly how the consumer surveys were conducted as per ASA requirements – based on the past advertising conduct of Skinny Coffee Club, we wouldn’t be too surprised if these figures are totally fabricated.

In regards to claims 5-6 we have deemed these to be false and extremely misleading. Both statements are classed as non-authorised by the EFSA, meaning there isn’t any evidence to prove them to be true.

Are There Any Reviews From Customers?

We have found the following Skinny Coffee Club 28 Night Program review testimonials via customers on Amazon:

Not lost any weight yet!

The jury is out at present not sure but will keep you updated

Where Can I Buy This Product?

We have found this product in stock via the official SkinnyCoffeeClub website, as well as Amazon and Holland & Barrett.

Our Conclusion.

To sum up our Skinny Coffee Club 28 Night Program review, we do not recommend this product. It seems that our suspicions were correct – this is another totally ineffective snake-oil product that will do nothing other than lighten customers wallets.

The brand have had their wrists slapped by the UK advertising standards before and it seems that, with the launch of their new product, they still haven’t learned their lesson – there are a lot of false claims being made and a bunch of customer surveys that are lacking sample sizes and explanation on how they were conducted.

Nothing inside this product will make you “wake up skinnier”, despite what they would have you believe. If you’re seriously looking for a product that will deliver tangible weight loss results we recommend you check out a more advanced product like our top rated fat burner Thermaxin, our top rated weight loss shake, or our top rated weight loss tea TEATU.

Not Recommended 

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