Is losing belly fat as easy as strapping Slendertone to your body for 20 minutes per day? The way this product is marketed you’d be forgiven for thinking that. In this Slendertone review, we’re dropping some truth-bombs!

Readers please note that statements on this page are fair comment based on observation. This content is produced on a matter of public interest. Statements on this page are our honest opinion, not fact. Let’s take a look at the top level pros and cons of this product:

Slendertone Benefits:

  • Natural fruit and vitamin weight loss formula
  • Designed to help the body better metabolise fat
  • Stimulating formula helps to boost energy levels
  • Contains natural raspberry fruit extract

Slendertone Drawbacks:

  • The amount of weight loss varies for different people
  • Some users have reported that the capsules sometimes repeat on you, which is fine if you don’t mind having raspberry flavored burps!

slendertone review

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Some Quick Information About Slendertone

This product has slender in the name, it also has to in the name therefore you could be forgiven for thinking that this product is going to 1. make you slender and 2. tone you up, sadly that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Essentially all this product is is an easy way of replicating an abdominal workout without doing any actual exercise. This is what we would call a ‘quick fix’ product.. And you know what they say about them, don’t you? Potential customers I led to believe that the key to a nice flat tone stomach is simply strapping Slendertone to their midriff and waiting for the product to turn you into a greek god.. Well, if you believed this you’re going to be very disappointed when you actually tried this product.

The only way you’re going to get in nice set of abs is if you lower your overall body fat percentage – Something this product is just cannot do. The reason it cannot do this is because the product is not capable of burning any calories, therefore you cannot expect to lose weight.

It’s important for us to note that you absolutely can not lose weight without burning calories, it just doesn’t work that way. We’re sorry to say you have to find another means of burning away your excess belly fat!

Is Slendertone A Good Product To Help Me Lose Belly Fat & Get Abs?

Absolutely not. As we stated above this product is not going to burn any fat off your body – The only way to get a visible sixpack or toned tummy is to reduce the fat in that area.

We realise we’re making Slendertone sound like a useless product, but it’s not completely useless. If for whatever reason you do not enjoy doing situps, you can use this product to replicate doing situps (although there is evidence to suggest that it is definitely not as effective as conventional exercises). You should look at Slendertone as more of an exercise product, rather than weight loss product.

It is important to note that Slendertone themselves advise you use the belt in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

If your end goal is to have a six pack or nice toned tummy, you’re best off using a fat burning product.

How Does Slendertone Work?

Slendertone uses EMS technology, EMS stands for electronic muscle stimulation. Essentially the product uses electromagnetic waves to cause muscle contractions, thus imitating in abdominal workout. On the inside of the slendertone belt you will find electrodes, when you wear the Slendertone belt these will come in contact with your skin.

Is Slendertone Safe To Use?

While we assume the product is safe to use, there isn’t any research to suggest it is 100% safe.

What Does Slendertone Claim To Do?

Slendertone claims that their Ab belt products are portable exercise systems that customers can use to easily exercise their abdominal muscles. They go onto stated that with regular usage, users can see a strengthened core, a flatter, firmer tummy and can reduce their waistline by an average of 3.5cm.

We would advise anybody considering this product to be very sceptical of the last claim, as this product alone will not reduce your waistline (that’s just completely impossible). Our slendertone review team have stated that a reduced waistline will only come from a calorie controlled diet and exercise.

Slendertone vs. SIXPAD?

Ultimately there is nothing to compare; Both products use identical technology (EMS). While one may be more preferable than another in terms of product design, the way it sits on your skin etc. they are basically just the same thing.

Are There Any Reviews From Customers?

We have found the following Slendertone review testimonials online:

I used this product for about three months before completely giving up on it. My abs did feel a little bit firmer but ultimately you just couldn’t see any results. My waistline didn’t reduce at all either. To be honest I feel like I just wasted my money.

My mom bought me and her this for Christmas, we’d both been using the product for six weeks before we realised that nothing was happening. We weighted ourselves.. the same as when we started! I hadn’t dropped a dress size, if anything i’d probably gained weight while using the belt. Useless.

Where Can I Buy This Product?

You can buy this product from the official Slendertone website. It may also be available in certain high-street stores.

Our Conclusion.

To conclude our Slendertone review, to us it seems that it’s intended to be used as a means of losing belly fat. Frankly, this product doesn’t have the capability of doing such thing – do not be fooled by the sleek marketing and clever brand name. All this product will do is make it easier to exercise your abdominal muscles; If you’re carrying a lot of excess body fat you will never see a six-pack.

Kath Ross, PhD
Kath Ross, PhD
Health Editor at DietProbe
Kathryn is a Ph.D Health Editor here at DietProbe. She specializes in diabetes and weight control research and in her spare time she's a professional cat lady and wine connoisseur!
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