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TEATU Teatox Review

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TEATU Teatox Review

The teatu teatox really needs no introduction – it’s pretty much the industry leader along side bootea. As the product has been receiving so much type lately we decided to release a full teatu teatox review!

Let’s take a look at the top level pros and cons of this product:

TEATU 28 Day Teatox Benefits:

  • Full of effective fat burning ingredients
  • Very safe way to lose weight
  • Doesn’t taste offensive
  • 2-blend tea course 
TEATU 28 Day Teatox Drawbacks:

  • A bit expensive
  • No money-back guarantee

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Some Quick Information On This Product

The teatu teatox, more specifically the 28 day version, is a product that contains two different tea blends – a daytime blend and a night time blend. It won’t come as a major surprise when we say you’re meant to drink the day blend in the morning and throughout the day to boost your metabolism and initiate the fat burning process. The evening blend is consumed approximately 30 minutes before you go to bed – it contains natural relaxants and anxiety-relieving herbs to ease the on-set of sleep. It also contains a very mild laxative to help flush out water weight naturally the next morning.

Our teatu teatox review team have stated that the laxatives inside this product are not enough to cause nasty adverse effects such as diarrhoea, which is always a plus.. nobody likes that!

Is TEATU Teatox A Good Product To Help Me Lose Weight?

We believe that the teatu 28 day teatox is a great product to help you lose weight.

The daytime blend is rammed full of natural weight loss ingredients that will help energise you, detoxify your body and boost your metabolism. This is the blend that helps you burn body fat. This teatox would be a fantastic alternate to the conventional fat burners on the market, however it could also be used with a conventional fat burner for amplified effects.

The evening blend helps to relieve the body of excess water weight in a manner that isn’t obtrusive to your daily life. This is the blend that will help reduce bloating.

Teatu has a very impressive teatox results section which showcases their success stories. It’s important to note that results will definitely vary, but it’s very cool to see the stellar results!

What Are The TEATU Teatox Ingredients?

The ingredients for the product’s two tea blends are as follows:

The Daytime Detox tea contains:

Green Tea Leaves, Cocoa Peel, Spearmint, Green Coffee, Ginseng and Chilli Chai.

The Night time Cleanse tea contains:

Peppermint, Rooibos, Lavender, Liquorice, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Senna, Natural Caramel flavour

It’s good to see that teatu have actually added some flavouring to this product (both blends), as typically detox tea tastes disgusting!

What Are The TEATU Teatox Side Effects?

Teatu shouldn’t really cause any adverse side effects when used correctly. Potential effects could be caffeine jitters (if you’re caffeine sensitive) and an increase in bowel movements.

What does TEATU Teatox claim to do?

Teatu claims that it is “the ultimate detoxing teatox for weight loss”. It also claims that it will detoxify your body, help reduce bloating and boost energy levels.

Based on the ingredients used within this product, our teatu teatox review team have confirmed that these claims are fairly accurate.

Are There Any Reviews From Customers?

We have found the following teatu review testimonials on the company’s website:

hikari on Jun 27, 2016
Down 5KG in just about 20 days!!

Derbymum92 on Jun 16, 2016
Having struggled for the last 8 months with stubborn baby weight i decided to try this as id only heard good things. Haven’t been disappointed! since taking i’ve lost about 11 lb’s in the 5 and a half weeks that i’ve been usin the product. I add a little bit of 0 calorie sweetener to every glass to make it a nice sugary treat!

Where Can I Buy This Product?

You can buy the Teatu 28 day teatox at their official website. It’s also available from Amazon UK.

Our Conclusion.

To conclude our teatu teatox review, we believe that this product is a great option for those looking for a solid weight loss tea. Teatox products can be a great alternate for those looking to lose weight without using diet pills, however they can also be combined with weight loss products like fat burners and diet shakes to help improve weight loss results further.


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