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We can all feel a little sleepy from time to time and it’s not uncommon to feel a little low on energy. If you add busy jobs and hectic schedules on top of this, it can soon result in you feeling fatigued. Sometimes though, we can feel unduly tired, and despite a seemingly wholesome existence.

The issues causing your fatigue can be physical, psychological, or even just down to your lifestyle. To the more fatigued among you, it might even be more than one of these factors that is causing your waning energy levels.

To help you establish what could be causing your tiredness we set out to find the top causes of tiredness and how to best prevent them and reinvigorate your energy levels.

You’re Not Getting Enough Quality Sleep

Alright, this one is obvious, but let’s get it out the way first. It won’t come as much of a surprise that the first primary cause of tiredness would have to be lack of quality sleep. If you aren’t getting the sleep your body requires then going about your day will be extremely hard, not to mention trying to be fit, active, and productive.

There are different trains of thought when it comes to deciding what constitutes a good nights sleep. The usual agreement is that 8 hours is the magic amount. For some though this isn’t always possible and many of us find it difficult to hit the magic number.

To tackle your lack of sleep you really need to give your rest time a high level of importance and make sure you’re not burning the candle at both ends. It’s also worth noting the positive affects that a ‘power nap’ can provide, and we all know that familiarly smug feeling of getting a few hours sleep after your Sunday roast. So don’t fight the urge and embrace your nap.

Too Much Caffeine Can Cause Tiredness & Fatigue

Coffee, tea, or your hot drink of choice is probably a big part of your day. We certainly know it is for us. Barely a day goes by without us reaching for a nice cup of Americano to get the day started. However, it might be that you are taking too big a hit of the caffeine and this can have negative side effects. The rush that your caffeine provides you with can soon result in you feeling fatigued when the inevitable caffeine-crash happens.

Too Much Blue Light Can Cause Tiredness & Fatigue

Much like caffeine; screens are part of our daily life. Many of us work in front of computer screens all day and a large portion of us spend at least a few evenings a week in front of the TV to catch the latest release on Netflix. This is also before we even take a cursory glance at our phones, which we sometimes insist on using while watching TV too. This straining on our sight can cause fatigue, as well as headaches and blurred vision.

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of giving yourself a break from you screens. Sure, we know you might be extremely busy, but that casual flick through instagram in bed is best avoided. You need to give yourself a break at least an hour before you want to go to bed. One option could be to reconnect with your inner bookworm, which makes a great bed partnership, and will also be much more beneficial than absorbing fake news on Facebook.

Eating At The Wrong Times Can Cause Tiredness & Fatigue

We’ve previously discussed the importance of eating the correct food, and have also highlighted foods that can aid your weight loss. It’s no surprise then that the good stuff has reared itself once again. Firstly, it’s imperative that you are correctly fueling your body with a healthy and balanced diet. Failure to fuel yourself correctly will see fatigue take over in no time at all. You may also find that you’re sleep is being affected due to your evening meals.

A Bad Diet Can Cause Tiredness & Fatigue

In line with a healthy diet it’s also worth noting the impact that sugar can have on your body’s energy levels. If you consume a lot of sugar then you can also expect your body to crash and leave you feeling fatigued.

Again, timing of when you consume sugar is key. Ideally, have your sugar earlier in the day and before you are going to exert the most energy. Also, stay away from sugary treats and opt for the natural stuff, and keep your fruit bowl full for such times.

Too Much Alcohol Can Cause Tiredness & Fatigue

We’re all partial to the occasional drink, and maybe the occasional blowout, but sometimes alcohol intake goes beyond is advisable for some. There can also be the misconception that alcohol is good for sleep and rest. It is true that alcohol will help you slip off to sleep, but it does not provide you with good quality rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

It seems pretty obvious but that won’t stop us telling you; if you’re drinking too much then cut back on your quantities consumed. We advise to at least be hitting the recommended intake provided by the government and Department of (DOH) but even better would be to stop any daily consumption of alcohol and just enjoy occasionally and sensibly.

High Stress Levels Can Cause Tiredness & Fatigue

This is probably one of the key reasons on our list and affects us all at various times in our life. Surprisingly, while we are going through a stressful time we may not even know it either.

Speaking to a friend can often leave you feeling less burdened but if you don’t want to share certain aspects of your life then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional who will advise you on how to tackle your stress.

Potential Food Intolerances

With the increased debate on food intolerances like coeliac disease we are becoming more in tune with what we are eating and how it affects us. There are some foods in particular that will leave you feeling fatigued and this will signal that you have an intolerance to that particular food.

To tackle whether you have a food intolerance you need to keep a record of the food you are eating and when you feel fatigued. If you are feeling consistently fatigued from a particular type of food then it’s a fair assumption that you have an intolerance. Visit your doctor for professional advice on how to tackle the intolerance.


Hopefully, this may help you find out and handle your tiredness. It is always advisable that you speak with a health professional or your doctor when feeling unwell, so don’t hesitate to in the first instance. Otherwise, take some of our advice as to how fight the fatigue and start enjoying your days with less tiredness in your life.

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