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XLS-Medical Fat Binder Review

Not Recommended
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XLS-Medical Fat Binder Review

Many people have been taken in by the XLS-Medical Fat Binder in recent months.  Claiming to be made entirely of natural ingredients and clinically proven to make you lose weight, people see it as a medically safe and effective option to lose that stubborn fat.  But is it as useful as it would have you believe? In this XLS-Medical Fat Binder review we aim to find out.

Let’s take a look at the top level pros and cons of this product:

XLS-Medical Fat Binder Benefits:

  • Can be helpful if you have your diet and exercise regime perfect
  • Widely available in stores and online
XLS-Medical Fat Binder Drawbacks:

  • Doesn’t actively burn body fat or suppress your appetite
  • Some users have claimed they’ve had some pretty nasty side effects, others have reported the product didn’t deliver them any results
  • Will not help reduce diet-fatigue or boost energy levels
  • Very expensive to maintain usage of – a one month supply will cost you £59.99
  • No money-back guarantee

XLS Medical Fat Binder Review

Not Recommended

Some Quick Information On This Product

This XLS-Medical Fat Binder review is probably our most comprehensive piece of product-research yet, so hold onto your hats! On the surface the XLS-Medical Fat Binder looks like the answer to every weight-loss related problem known to man.  It claims to be medically proven, supported by official clinical studies, and it’s even packaged like medication you’d get prescribed from your doctor.  This gives it the air and feel of absolute professionalism and legitimacy, allowing the packaging to boast “Lose 3X the weight!”.  Three times the weight? Three times what?  How much weight would we be losing if we weren’t taking the XLS-Medical Fat Binder, they don’t tell us that, but be assured that whatever that number would have been, you’ll lose three times that amount by taking these pills.  Already there’s a sense of over-promising with the XLS-Medical Fat Binder, but nevertheless a customer only wants to hear positive jargon and be told their fat loss journey will be as easy as possible.

However, a quick look through the official website of the product reveals a more realistic, but not as sexy presentation of how the whole thing works.  Hidden away on a tab named ‘Get The Best Results’, the website suggests implementing a healthy diet and regular exercise regime before and throughout the time you even take the pills.  It even admits “it’s not a miracle pill”, which while honest and true, is a little bit of a deviation from the rest of the marketing strategy which paints the XLS-Medical Fat Binder as being some sort of scientific wonder drug backed up by stunned clinicians and medical professionals.  So customers must adopt a clean healthy lifestyle with regular exercise before taking the pill? In that case, what’s the point in taking the pill at all?  The whole purpose of weight-loss supplements is to give people a nice push along in their journey precisely because they may be busy modern professionals or pre-occupied with other responsibilities that they can’t find the sufficient time to plan healthy meals for the week or get down the gym regularly.  Of course people should always be encouraged to live healthy lifestyles, but fat loss products should be the great moderator for people who can’t quite nail that aspect down.  The XLS-Medical Fat Binder insists you must have your diet and exercise routine planned and executed down to the point, not realising that people who have done that usually don’t need to buy and take fat burning pills in the first place.  Very strange.    

Does XLS Medical Fat Binder Work?

Despite the bipolar information provided on the website, only one thing really matters; is the product useful in helping you lose weight?  The best answer to that question is “maybe”.

While researching this XLS-Medical Fat Binder review, we found that this product is really is the sort of thing where you’ll get out as much as you put into it.  Taking the pills alone won’t help you much, if at all, and in fact will cause some uncomfortable side effects, despite the official website claiming there are none, but we’ll get onto that later.  The truth is, unless you have a foolproof diet plan and regular exercise routine, as the official website suggests you should have, you’ll see no positive results.  Yes, implement those things right and there’ll be some improvement in your waistline, of course, but how much the actual product contributes to that is quite frankly a mystery.  It’s common sense that eating well and being active will help you lose weight, but as mentioned above, why even take this supplement if you’re already doing everything else right?  Surely the natural processes of the body would be sufficient enough as people would be losing weight relatively quickly anyway.  It’s this reason why the true effects of the XLS-Medical Fat Binder are impossible to observe.

The product claims it binds fat in your diet to create a big fat fibre complex that is then excreted from your body, helping you lose fat literally.  Considering this is just a fancy way of saying the XLS-Medical Fat Binder is a glorified laxative, that’s hardly ground breaking science.  But yes, excreting a large amount of fat will instigate observable weight-loss on the scale, if of course your body accepts the process and doesn’t have a negative reaction to it.  There’s a big myth within the health and weight-loss industry however.  The myth is that fat makes you fat, whereas in reality it’s a combination of many things.  You can have a high fat diet and lose weight very quickly if you only lower your carbohydrate intake, fat in itself isn’t particularly bad.  The XLS-Medical Fat Binder doesn’t address the carb question at all.  How many carbs should you be eating a day when taking the product, who knows, that information isn’t provided.  It’s all very well getting rid of excess fat, but you can do that all day every day and lose little to no weight if your carbohydrate intake is still too high.  In fact, fat in your diet fills you up and quells hunger pains, so if you’re constantly removing fat from your body, a case could be made that you’ll inadvertently make yourself hungry again just by doing that, risking the possibility of secret snacking and over-eating.  In actuality, the official website under the FAQ section claims that the XLS-Medical Fat Binder is “suitable for any adult overweight no matter their diet”, so now it seems as though diet doesn’t matter as much?  This is the biggest overriding problem with this product, the information provided to the customer is schizophrenic and totally inconsistent, even on a page to page basis.  The website pushes many mixed messages, on one hand it claims you must have a good diet and exercise plan in place before taking the pill, then the next minute says diet doesn’t matter.  Very confusing and not something that inspires a lot of confidence.

What Are The XLS Medical Fat Binder Ingredients?

XLS Medical Fat Binder only contains one ingredient – Litramine. Litramine is essentially a patented version of a more widely available dietary fibre called Prickly Pear Cactus Leaf. XLS do not really elaborate on the difference between Litramine and the generic ingredient, however they’ve changed it enough to warrant filing for a patent, so they must have added something to make it more effective.

You can read the full study on Litramine here.

What Are The XLS Medical Fat Binder Side Effects?

We have found the following potential side effect information XLS Medical:

Diarrhoea, nausea, increased amount and frequency of stool, bloating, and headache. [1]

Despite the official website asserting the XLS-Medical Fat Binder is “gentle on your body”, it doesn’t take long to find many people online complaining about side effects.  This isn’t particularly surprising considering products that work due to a laxative-based formula usually have very mixed results in individuals.  Of course the biggest side effect, surprise surprise, is constipation.  But there are also reports of dizziness, headaches and stomach problems.  Here are just a couple of examples.

“I have been taking XLS Medical Max Strength for 23 days now but I am going to stop today.
I have experienced uncomfortable tummy pain, feeling sick, excess flatulence and constant horrible diarrhoea. I will find another way of helping my weight loss as this was definitely not worth the money. Negligible weight loss but that is because I am eating carefully.”


Just horrible… I felt myself very bad after taking them. Palpitations,dizziness,headache, stomach pain, tingles in my feet…face…hands…

What Does XLS Medical Fat Binder Claim To Do?

While researching, our XLS-Medical Fat Binder review team found that XLS don’t really make and solid weight loss claims about this product. The only claim made is that the product is formulated to bind dietary fat, which is later excreted from the body. There is no promise of weight loss.

Are There Any Reviews From Customers?

As always, we’d suggest avoiding the “official” reviews and testimonials on the product website, as there’s no way to gage whether they are genuine or manufactured.  Usually they are completely manufactured in an overly positive light because they’re trying to make as many sales as possible.  There are however many reviews across the internet about the effectiveness of the product.  Here are some XLS-Medical Fat Binder review testimonials from customers on Amazon:

“Complete waste of time. Spend your money on something more credible”

“Didn’t find these helpful at all with help towards loosing a few pounds,just made me constipated,even though drunk plenty water so wouldn’t recommend”

I saw it through adverts on TV so I though I should give it a shot. This is not working to me at all even though I strictly follow the instruction and controlled my diet(1300 calories a day) and did 5 hours of exercises in a week. really disappointed.”

No, it doesn’t work. But of course it wouldn’t work. You need to eat 80% less carbs (yes this includes sugar) and eat more protein. You’ll feel hungry and a bit irritable for a week but then you’ll feel normal, if not better. Keep this up and you’ll lose weight. When you don’t exercise carbs are stored as fat. It’s (almost) as simple as that. You can’t just take a pill and keep eating a poor diet.”

Where Can I Buy This Product?

You can buy this product in most health food stores. It is also available online at certain retailers like Holland and Barrett and Amazon.

Our Conclusion.

To conclude our XLS-Medical Fat Binder review, this is not something we’re going to recommend. The XLS-Medical Fat Binder paints the picture of being a big scientific breakthrough product that has discovered a new way of burning fat, but the reality is the product is largely ineffective unless you do literally everything else perfectly correct, in which case completely cancels out the need for the pill in the first place.  The website provides confusing and contradictory information, and the ridiculous assertion that there are no side effects relating to the product is clearly a falsehood as there are hundreds of personal accounts by people online of pretty severe side effects.  We believe that this product as a whole may doo more harm than good, and we’d recommend opting for something more powerful and straight forward.   

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